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Can't Catch Me

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Tim Johnson (UK) & Jean-Pierre Madge (CH) - June 2023
Catch Me If You Can - Joseph Luca
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Walk R,L, Out-Out and Cross, Side Drag, Sailor 3/8L
1-2Step R forward (1), Step L forward (2), 12:00’
&3&4Step R out (&),Step L out (3),Step R back in the middle (&), Cross L over R(4) 12:00’
5-6Big Step R to R (5), Drag L to R (6), 12:00’
7&8Cross L behind R (7), 1/4L Step R to R (&), 1/8L Step L forward (8) 7:30’

Walk R,L, Shuffle 1/2L, Back Rock, Recover, Full Turn
1-2Step R forward (1), Step L forward (2), 7:30’
3&4Step 1/4L Step R to R (3),Step L next R (&), 1/4L step R back (4), 1:30’
5-6Rock L back (5), Recover (6), 1:30’
7-81/2R Step L back (7), 1/2R Step R forward (8), 1:30’

1/8R Dorothy L, Dorothy R, Rock, Recover, 1/2L Step, 1/4L Step Side
1-2&1/8R and Step L to left diagonal (1), lock R behind L (2), step L to left diagonal (&) 3:00’
3-4&Step R to right diagonal (3), lock L behind R (4), step R to right diagonal (&) 3:00’
5-6Rock L forward (5), Recover (6), 3:00’
7-81/2L Step L forward (7), 1/4L Step R to R, 6:00’

Behind Side Cross Side Behind Side Cross, 1/4L and Together, Clap, Bounce twice
1&2&Cross L behind R (1), Step R to R side (&), Cross L over R (2), Step R to R side (&) 6:00’
3&4&5Cross L behind R (3), Step R to R side (&), Cross L over R (4) 1/4L Step R back (&), Step L next R (5) 3:00’
6-7-8Clap your hands (6), Bounce both heels twice (7-8) 3:00’

No tag, no restart, enjoy and have fun !
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