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Thicc as Thieves

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Kyle Erickson (USA) - June 2023
Thicc As Thieves - Lauren Alaina & Lainey Wilson
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[1-8] R Kickball point; L Kickball point; 3/4 pivot turn left, 1/2 pivot turn left
1&2Kick Right forward, Step ball of Right beside Left, Point Left to left side
3&4Kick Left forward, Step ball of Left beside Right, Point Right to right side
5,6Step right foot forward, pivot turn left 3/4
7,8Step right foot forward, pivot turn left 1/2 (ending on left wall)

[9-16] Swivel to the right, heels-toes-heels-toes; R+L heel switches, right heel scuff, and return
1,2Swivel both heels right, swivel both toes right
3,4Swivel both heels right, swivel both toes right
5&6&Tap right heel, tap left heel (quick body weight switch)
7,8Right foot kick with heel scuff, return right foot to the ground

[17-24] Bump hips forward right twice, bump hips left twice; Roll hips right
to left, roll hips right to left
1,2Bump hips forward right twice
3,4Bump hips backward left twice
5,6Roll hips right to left (forward-back)
7,8Roll hips right to left (forward-back)

[25-32] Walk backwards 4 steps right-left-right-left; Stomp right, stomp left, bump left hip once, bump right hip once
1,2,3,4Walk backwards 4 steps, Right-Left-Right-Left
5,6Stomp right, Stomp Left
7,8Bump right hip to the side once, bump left hip once to the side once


Omee February 26, 2024
Alternative song: Sweet Little Something by Jason Aldean

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