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Little Giddy Up

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Roxanne Moates (AUS) - June 2023
Giddy Up! - Shania Twain : (Album: Queen of Me)
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Danced to 2 walls due to restarts, 4 Restarts

Start: Weight on left, Start after 8 Counts
Please don’t let the phrasing put you off. This is an improver dance that has lots of optional bits and pieces that can be added to increase the fun as dancers become more confident with the steps.
It’s an awesome track and restarts speak for themselves!

Walk R, Walk L, R Coaster Forward, Back L, Back R, L Coaster Cross
1 2Walk Fwd Right, Walk Fwd Left
3&4Step Fwd Right, Step Left Tog, Step back Right
5 6Walk back Left, Walk back Right
7&8Step back Left, Step Right Tog, Cross Left over Right

Side R, Rock back L, Recover Fwd R, ¼ R, ¼ R, L Samba Cross, Cross R, Hold, Clap x2
& 1 2Step Right to Right Side, Rock back Left, Recover Fwd Right
(Optional hand – brush hands down/up over thighs on the rock recover)
3 4¼ Right Step back Left, ¼ Right Step Right Side
5&6Cross Left over Right, Rock Right to Right Side, Recover weight Side onto Left
(Optional hand – swing both arms out to the side and click fingers up and out to side)
7&8Cross Right over Left, Hold - clap hands twice holding them up and out to the left 45

Side L, Drag R x2, Step Right Tog, Left Tog, Side R, Drag L x2, Step Left Tog, Step Right Tog.
1 2 3Big Step Side on Left, Drag Right towards Left x 2 – extend both arms out like an airplane with left hand up high (optional – look right)
&4Step Right Tog, Step Left Tog
5 6 7Big Step Side on Right, Drag Left towards Left x 2 – extend both arms out like an airplane with right hand up high
(optional – look left)
&8Step Left Tog, Step Right Tog.

Fwd L Rock back R, ½ Shuffle L, Rocking Chair Fwd Right, Back Left, Back Right, Fwd Left (Optional 2 x ½ pivot turns)
1 2Rock Fwd Left, Recover back Right
3&4¼ L Step Left Side, Right Tog, ¼ L Step Left Fwd
5 6Rock Fwd Right, Rock Back Left, (option ½ pivot on R)
7 8Rock Back Right, Rock Fwd Left (option ½ pivot on R)

Hips R, L, R, Hips L, R, L, ¼ R Box Step, Step Slightly Fwd, L, R
1&2Bump Hips Right, Left, Right
3&4Bump Hips Left, Right, Left
5 6 7Cross Right over Left, Step back Left, ¼ R Fwd Right
&8Step slightly Fwd Left, Step Slightly Fwd Right

Hips L, R, L, Hips R, L, R, ¼ L Box Step, Rock Slightly Fwd R, Rock Back L Hitching R
1&2Bump Hips Left, Right, Left
3&4Bump Hips Right, Left, Right
5 6 7Cross Left over Right, Step back Right, ¼ L Fwd Left
&8Rock Slightly Fwd Right, Rock Back L Hitching Right (option - complete a lasso movement with Right hand)


Wall 2: Dance up to Count 24, touching Right beside Left – restart facing back wall
Wall 4: Dance up to Count 24, touching Right beside Left – restart facing front wall
Wall 5: Dance up to Count 32 – restart – facing front wall
Wall 6: Dance up to Count 36 – restart – facing front wall

Wall 8: Dance up to Count 8 finishing with Left crossed over Right – facing front wall


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