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It's Love, Love

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Jan Cook (USA) - June 2023
Wet Tennis - Sofi Tukker
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Start after 16 Counts, No Tags, No Restarts.

This dance was choreographed to be an easy split floor to Scott Blevins and Jo Thompson Szymanski’s Intermediate Dance “Love, Love”

SECTION 1 – Rock Forward R / Recover, Pony Back (X2), Rock Back R / Recover
1-2Rock Forward on R, Recover on L
3&4Step R back (3), Step L beside R pushing up on ball of L (&), Step R back (4)
5&6Step L back (5), Step R beside L pushing up on ball of L (&), Step L back (6)
7-8Rock Back on R, Recover on L

SECTION 2 – 4 Diagonal Touches Forward (optional syncopation), Point
1-2Step R diagonal forward, Touch L beside R
3-4Step L diagonal forward, Touch R beside L
5-6Step R diagonal forward, Touch L beside R
7&8Step L diagonal forward (7), Touch R (&), Point R to R Side (8)

(Note: Counts 1-4 above can be syncopated with 4 step touches instead of 2 step touches with counts 1&2&3&4& but you will need to finish the section with counts 5 – 8 the same as written above)

SECTION 3 – Basic to R with ¼ Turn, Scuff, Rocking Chair, Right Heel Swivel
1-4Step R to R, Step L beside R, Step R to R with ¼ Turn, Scuff L beside R (3:00)
5-7Rock L forward (5), Return weight to R (6), Rock L back (7) keeping weight on L and lifting R Heel
&8Swivel R heel out (&) and in (8)

SECTION 4 – Step Forward R, Paddle to R two quarter turns, Step Forward L, 4 Skates
1Step Forward R
2Touch left toe forward, make ¼ turn right (6:00)
3Touch left toe forward, make ¼ turn right (9:00)
4Step forward L
5-6Skate forward R to R diagonal (5), skate forward L to L diagonal (6)
7-8Repeat counts 5, 6


Ending – Wall 7 (starting on the back the second time), modify SECTION 4, last 4 counts
5-8Gradually turn the skates ¼ turn over your left shoulder to end on front wall (12:00)

Last Update: 18 Sep 2023


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