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Drives Me Crazy

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Grace David (KOR) & Jef Camps (BEL) - May 2023
Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Brett Eldredge
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Section 1 - Side, Cross, Side, Diag. Kick, Side, Cross, Side, Diag. Kick,
1-2LF step side, RF cross over LF
3-4LF step side, RF kick forward in R diagonal
5-6RF step side, LF cross over RF
7-8RF step side, LF kick forward in L diagonal

Section 2 - Side Strut, Cross Strut, Vine ¼ Turn, Brush
1-2LF step side on toes, LF drop heel down
3-4RF step across on toes, RF drop heel down
5-6LF step side, RF cross behind LF
7-8¼ turn L & LF step forward, RF brush forward - 9:00

Section 3 - Step Forward, Hold, ½ Pivot, Hold, Step Forward, Hold, ¼ Pivot, Hold
1-2RF step forward, hold
3-4Make ½ turn L, putting weight on LF - 3:00
5-6RF step forward, hold
7-8Make ¼ turn L, putting weight on LF - 12:00
(Optional styling for the holds: snaps or any hand/arm movement with some attitude)

Section 4 - Step-Lock-Step, Brush, Jazz ¼ Turn
1-2RF step forward, LF lock behind RF
3-4RF step forward, LF brush forward
5-6LF cross over RF, ¼ turn L & RF step back - 9:00
7-8LF step side, RF close next to LF

Section 5 - Twist Heel-Toe-Heel, Hold, Twist Heel-Toe-Heel, Hold
1-2Swivel heels to R, swivel toes to R
3-4Swivel heels to R, hold (optional: clap)
5-6Swivel heels to L, swivel toes to L
7-8Swivel heels to L, hold (optional: clap)

Section 6 - Weave, Side, Drag, Back Rock/Recover
1-2RF step side, LF cross behind RF
3-4RF step side, LF cross over RF
5-6RF large step side, drag LF towards RF
7-8LF rock back, recover on RF


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WaCaNa July 7, 2023

Happy Feeet July 13, 2023
5 🌟 dance.
Next dance on our list this week.

ROSIE July 16, 2023
Great beginner dance 🤗 on my list 🤗

Kato August 15, 2023
Yep! Definitely teaching this one! 🤗

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