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Trippin' & Scuffin'

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High Beginner/Improver
Leah Osier (USA) & Carah Moreno (USA) - July 2023
Country Dance - Aaron Goodvin
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START AFTER 16cts at lyrics
*1 TAG/RESTART wall 5 & 1 RESTART wall 10

S1 [1-8]: Step-touches w/ ¼ R turn, R side scuff, L sailor step
1-2R side step - touch L nxt to R,
3-4¼ L turn onto L - touch R nxt to L (3:00)
5-6R Scuff - R side step
7&8L behind R, R slightly to R side, L side step

S2 [9-16]: R Sailor step, L Pony step, R & L Slides
1&2R behind L, L slightly to L side, R side step
3&4L back w/ R knee hitch, R step, L back w/ R knee hitch
5-6R diagonal slide back, touch L nxt to R
7-8L side slide, R touch nxt to L

S3 [17-24]: R Grapevine w/ ¼ R turn L Scuff-Hitch, Heel taps, Step-slap
1,2,3,4R side step, L behind R, R side -¼ R turn into L scuff- L knee hitch (6:00)
***RESTART wall 9 - finish grapevine replacing scuff-step with L crossing over R no turn to be able to
start dance again with R side-touch
5-6 2fwd heel taps
7-8L step - lift & slap R foot w/ L hand

***TAG/RESTART wall 4
4ct: R back - L touch w/ clap, L back - R touch w/ clap
Restart from beginning of dance

S4 [25-32]: R-L-R diagonal back, L slap, ¼ L turn step-scuff, R Rock-step
1,2,3,4R back - L nxt to R - R back - lift & slap L foot w/ R hand
5-6¼ L turn onto L - scuff R (3:00)
7-8R forward - recover weight on L

Dance Created 07/02/23 Stepsheet created by Leah Osier & Annemarie Dunn 07/07/23


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