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Red Dress

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Andrina K Faulds (SCO) - July 2023
Blame It on That Red Dress - Gord Bamford
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#24 count intro

Right Behind, & Cross Side, Back Rock, Kick Ball Change
1-2Step Right to right, Step Left behind Right
&3-4Step on Right, Cross Left over Right, Step Right to right
5-6Back rock on Left, recover to Right
7&8Kick Left to left, step on Left, step forward on Right

Left Dorothy, Right Dorothy, Walk Walk, Kick And Point
1-2&Step forward on Left to left diagonal, lock Right behind Left, Step forward on Left
3-4&Step forward on Right to right diagonal, lock Left behind Right, Step forward on Right
5-6Walk forward Left, Right
7&8Kick Left forward, Step on Left, Point Right to right

Cross Rock, Side Rock, Sailor, Sailor 1/4
1-2Cross rock Right over Left, recover to Right,
3-4Rock Right to right side, Recover onto Left
5&6Step Right behind Left, step Left to left, step Right to right
7&81/4 left stepping left behind Right, Step Right to Right, Step Left to left

Pivot 1/2, Pivot 1/2, Jump Forward, Jump Back
1-2Step forward on Right, Pivot 1/2 turn left
3-4Step forward on Right, Pivot 1/2 turn left
&5-6Jump forward and out Right, Left, Hold & clap **restart walls 3&6
&7-8Jump back and in Right, Left, Hold & clap

Walls 3&6 - After count 30

Wall 7 - After count 22, step on left and restart


Bonny Jean July 9, 2023
Another great wee dance to a super track - well done Andrina!

anniemac July 9, 2023
Great wee dance flows well to the music

Lina1969 July 10, 2023
Danced “Red Dress” at the social this past weekend. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Nice easy dance to learn.

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