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Telling On My Heart

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Ria Vos (NL) - July 2023
Telling on My Heart - Casey Donahew
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Intro: 24 Counts

Fwd, Step Pivot ½ Turn R, Fwd, 1 ¼ L, Sway R-L, Scissor Cross, Side, 1/8 R Back
1-2&Step Fwd on R, Step Fwd on L, Pivot ½ Turn R (6:00)
3-4&Step Fwd on L, ½ Turn L Step Back on R, ½ Turn L Step Fwd on L
5-6¼ Turn L Step and Sway R to R Side, Sway L (3:00)
7&8Step R to R Side, Step L Next to R, Cross R Over L
&1Step L to L Side, 1/8 Turn R Step Back on R (4:30)

Back, Touch, Step Sweep 1/8 R, Weave R, Back w/Sweep, Behind, ¼ R, Step Pivot Full Turn R, Back w/Sweep
2&Step Back on L, Touch R Toe Across L ***Restart Point
3-4&Step Fwd on R Sweeping L 1/8 Turn R, Cross L Over R, Step R to R Side (6:00)
5-6Step L Behind R Sweeping R, Step Back on R Sweeping L
7&Step L Behind R, ¼ Turn R Step Fwd on R (9:00)
8&1Step Fwd on L, Pivot ½ Turn R, ½ Turn R Step Back on L Sweeping R (9:00)

R Back Lock Step, L Back Lock Step, Rock Back, ½ L, ¼ L, Cross
2&3Step Back on R, Lock L Over R, Step Back on R Sweeping L
4&5Step Back on L, Lock R Over L, Step Back on L Sweeping R
6-7Rock Back on R (Prep by Turning Body R), Recover on L
&8&½ Turn L Step Back on R, ¼ Turn L Step L to L Side, Cross R Over L (12:00)
Option &8&: Turning 1 ¾ Turn L

Basic L, Side, Behind-Side-Cross w/Sweep, Cross, Touch, Back w/Sweep, Sailor ½ R
1-2&Step L to L Side, Step R Behind L, Cross L Over R
3Step R to R Side
4&5Step L Behind R, Step R to R Side, Cross L Over R Sweeping L Back to Front
6&7Cross R Over L, Touch L Behind R, Step Back on L Sweeping R Front to Back
8&Cross R Behind L ¼ Turn R, ¼ Turn R Step L Next to R (6:00)

Restart: On Wall 5 After Count 10& Squaring Up to 6:00 to Start from Count 1

2023 30 JUL 5 22 OCT '23 100


Mags H July 15, 2023
Another great dance to lovely music from Ria.

Kato July 16, 2023
Brilliant Ria! Thank you. Great choreography to a beautiful track. Xx

Foxy July 17, 2023
Thanks so much Mags & Kato xx

mary58 July 21, 2023
Beautiful song and dance

ROSIE August 21, 2023
Beautiful Ria!👍

Lisag August 26, 2023
Love this dance x

DancingQueen September 20, 2023
LOVE this dance and Mysic. Ria: you really nailed this one!

Foxy September 22, 2023
Thanks so much everyone for your sweet comments.. really appreciated xx

Julie Gillmore September 26, 2023
Loved teaching this dance 💃

Dawny September 26, 2023
Just learnt this beautiful dance..flows so beautifully

Dawny October 25, 2023
Beautiful Beautiful 😍

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