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My Heart

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Novice - Polka
Giuseppe Piromalli (IT) - May 2023
Chills - James Barker Band
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SECT.1 - Forward shuffle right and left
1RF step diag. fwd
&LF step next right foot
2RF step diag. fwd
3LF step diag. fwd
&RF step next left foot
4LF step diag. fwd
5RF cross over left
6LF step back
7RF step to the right side
8LF cross over right

SECT.2 - Sincopated side rock (x2) – Sailor step ¼ turn - step fwd, ¼ turn left
9RF step side
10LF recover weight
&RF step next left foot
11LF step side
12RF recover weight
13LF ¼ turn left step behind (9.00)
&RF step side
14LF step side slightly fwd
15RF step fwd
16¼ turn left (6.00)
Restart here at 4 wall

SECT.3 - Cross over, side rock – cross over, side toe touch – cross over, side rock – cross over, side toe touch
17RF cross over left
&LF step side
18RF recover weight
19LF cross over right
20RF side toe touch
21RF cross over left
&LF step side
22RF recover weight
23LF cross over right
24RF side toe touch

SECT.4 - Reverse anchor step – step side, hitch – step side, slide and hitch – coaster step
25RF step cross over
&LF step in place
26RF step cross over
27LF Long step side
28RF slide and hitch
29RF Long step side
30LF slide and hitch
31LF step back
&RF step back
32LF step fwd

Last Update - 14 July 2023 - R1


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