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In the Summer Time

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Raymond Sarlemijn (NL) - July 2023
Madagascar, in the summertime
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Kick step forward 4 start with RF
1RF kick forward
2RF step forward
3LF kick forward
4LF step forward
5RF kick forward
6RF step forward
7LF kick forward
8LF step forward

Diagonal backwards, step, together, back, touch, repeat start with RF
1RF Step Diagonal backwards
2LF close RF
3RF Step diagonal backwards
4LF touch RG
5LF step diagonal backwards
6RF closes LF
7LF step diagonal backward
8RF touch LF

Monterey turn ¼ over right, out close, repeat count 1 to 4
1RF Touch right
2¼ turn right, RF closes LF
3LF touch left
4LF closes RF
5RF Touch right
6¼ turn right, RF closes LF
7LF touch left
8LF closes RF

V step, Diagonal step lock step forward, Start with RF.
1RF step diagonal forward
2LF step diagonal forward
3RF step middle
4LF closes RF.
5RF step diagonal forward
6LF lock backwards RF
7RF step diagonal forward
8LF touch RF

Diagonal step, lock step forward start with LF, step touch, clap
1LF step diagonal forward
2RF lock backwards LF
3LF step diagonal forward.
4RF touch LF.
5RF step diagonal backwards
6LF touch next to RF and clap
7LF step diagonal backwards
8RF touch next to LF

Step touch clap, repeat, heel swivels
1RF step diagonal backwards
2LF touch next to RF
3LF step backwards.
4RF close LF.
5Swivel Both heel to left
6Swivel both heels to right
7Swivel both heels to left.
8Swivel both heels to the middle.

End of dance.

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V&V Danzz July 16, 2023
#2 Vote 5⭐💃

raymond sarlemijn July 16, 2023
Thank you so much 🙏

Susan Duncan July 18, 2023
Always great dances! ❤️

raymond sarlemijn July 18, 2023
Thank you Susan for your kind words 😀 and happy birthday to you 🎉

Susan Duncan July 19, 2023
Thanks Raymond ❤️

Chicknic August 12, 2023
We love it - perfect for the summertime 🤭🤩😍 ... Where can I by this remix song? Unfortunately if I want to buy the music with your Amazon music links => not found in Amazon music (both). We're from Germany. Perhaps you can amend that in Copperknob for the "Germans" 😏🙏

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