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Maria Magdalena

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Pia Schmid-Marten (DE) & Wolfgang Marten (DE) - July 2023
Maria Magdalena - LKDR & Aria
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No Tags, 1 Restart (In Wall 11 After 16 Counts)

Start after 32 counts

[1-8] K-Steps
1,2RF step diagonally R forward, LF touch next to RF
3,4LF step diagonally L backwards, RF touch next to LF
5,6RF step diagonally R backwards, LF touch next to RF
7,8LF step diagonally forward, RF touch next to LF

[9-16] Step, Point (x2), Jazz Box ¼ Turn, Cross
1,2RF step forward, LF Point L
3,4LF step forward, RF Point R
5,6RF cross over LF, LF step back
7,8RF ¼ turn R step R, LF cross over RF )* [3:00]
)* Restart in Wall 11 after Count 16

[17-24] Side, Hold With Clap, Side, Touch, Rolling Vine
1,2RF step R, Hold With BH clap
&3,4LF close to RF, RF step R, LF touch next to RF
5,6LF ¼ Turn L step forward, RF ½ Turn L step back [6:00]
7,8LF ¼ Turn step L, RF touch next to LF [3:00]

[25-32] V-Steps, Monterey ½ Turn
1,2RF step diagonally R forward, LF Step Out
3,4RF step diagonally L back, LF Step close to RF
5,6RF point R, ½ Turn R while RF close to LF [9:00]
7,8LF Point L, LF Close next to R


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