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Country Dance With You

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Linda LeClaire (USA) - July 2023
Country Dance - Aaron Goodvin
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Side, together, shuffle, Cross rock, ¼ shuffle
1 - 2R side, together
3&4shuffle to right side
5 - 6Cross L over R, recover
7&8¼ side shuffle left

Weave for four counts, then Heels (RLR), Hook
1 – 4Weave R over L, L to side, R behind L, L to L
5&6&R heel forward, R foot next to L, L heel forward, L foot next to R
7 - 8R heel forward, Hook R heel over L leg

Shuffle forward RLR, LRL, Rock, recover, Shuffle ½ right
1 & 2Shuffle forward RLR
3 & 4shuffle forward LRL
5 – 6Rock forward on R, recover on L
7 & 8Shuffle ½ right **(On wall 8, replace shuffle with 2 stomps, then restart dance)

Pivot half, Shuffle forward, Toes (R&L&R) to sides, Hitch R knee to L leg
1 – 2L forward, pivot ½ right
3 & 4Shuffle forward LRL *(restart after here on walls 4 & 7)
5&6&R toe to right side, R foot next to L, L toe to left side, L toe next to R
7 – 8R toe to right side, hitch R knee to L leg

*Restart after 28 counts on walls 4 & 7
**Restart after 24 counts on wall 8. Replace ½ shuffle with ½ turn stomping with R,L


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