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Lovesick Romeo

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Mike Wilson (USA) - July 2023
Lovesick Romeo - Jason Mraz
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Starts after 4 counts

[1-8]: Shuffle ½ right (LRL) (6:00), Back Rock, Recover; Right Wizard; ¼ Step Right (9:00), Touch.
1&2Shuffle left-right-left making ½ turn to right (6:00)
3 4Rock back on right foot, recover weight onto left foot
5 6&Right wizard step forward
7 8Turn ¼ right stepping left foot to left side (9:00), Touch right next to left.

[9-16]: Side Switches (Point R; Point L), Point R-back, Snap Fingers; Step R to right side, Step L behind R, Side Shuffle Right
1&Point right toe to right side; Step right next to left
2&Point left toe to left side; Step left next to right
3Point right toe back.
4Snap fingers
5 6Step right to right side, Step left behind right
7&8Side shuffle to right (right-left-right)

[17-24]: Cross Rock L, Recover, Side Shuffle Left; Cross Rock R, Recover, Side Shuffle Right
1 2Rock left foot across right foot; Recover weight onto right foot
3&4Side shuffle to left (left-right-left)
5 6Rock right foot across left foot; Recover weight onto left foot
7&8Side shuffle to right (right-left-right)

[25-32]: Crossing Toe Strut L; Make ¼ Turn Right (12:00) and Toe Strut R; Step L into Slow Pivot ½ Right with Heel Pulses on R Heel (6:00)
1 2Touch left toe across right foot; Drop left heel
3 4Turn ¼ right (12:00) and Touch Right toe slightly forward; Drop right heel
5Step forward on left foot
6 7Slowly turn ½ right (6:00) while tapping right heel on beat.
8Complete turn and take weight on right foot on beat 8.
NOTE: Restart here on Walls 3 and 7. You will be facing 6:00 both times

[33-40]: L Mambo; HOLD; R Back Rock-Recover-Cross ball of R over L; ½ Unwind Left (12:00)
123Rock forward on left foot (let upper body fall forward into rock); Recover on right foot; Step left next to right
5 6Rock back on right foot; Recover weight onto left foot
7Cross ball of right foot over left foot
8Begin ½ Unwind to Left on balls of both feet keeping feet together. (12:00)

(Note: You’ll want to land on 1 with your heels pointing to the right, so over-rotate this turn)

[41-48]: Heel-Toe-Heel walk to right; HOLD; Rock Back L, Recover; ¼ Right Stepping L Back (3:00); ¼ Right Stepping R Side (6:00)
1Finish unwind landing heels to right of toes
2Shift weight to heels and move both toes to right
3Shift weight to balls of feet and move both heels to right (weight on right)
5 6Rock back on left foot; Recover weight onto right foot
7Make ¼ turn right stepping back on left foot (3:00)
8Make ¼ turn right stepping right foot to right side (6:00)

[49-56]: Cross Rock L, Recover, Step L to left side; HOLD; Cross R over L; Cross Hitch L; Cross L over R; R to right side
123Rock left foot across right; recover weight onto right foot; Step left foot to left side
Hand Styling: 1: Reach left hand straight towards cross diagonal; 2-3: Pull back hand landing on heart on 3.
5Cross right foot over left
6Hitch left knee into a crossing hitch (left hitch crossing over right)
7Cross left foot over right
8Step right foot to right side (ok to step slightly back)

[57-64]: Step back and drag X 2 (L dragging R; R dragging L); Step L - Touch Forward with R (prep for rolling right turn); Step R; ½ Turn Right (Back on L) (12:00); ½ Turn Right (Forward on R) (6:00)
1 2Step back on left foot; Drag right foot towards left foot
3 4Step back on right foot; Drag left foot towards right foot
&5Step down on left foot; Point right toe forward reaching forward with right hand
6Take weight forward on right foot (pulling in extended hand)
7Turn ½ Right stepping back on left foot (12:00)
8Turn ½ Right stepping forward on right foot (6:00)

Dance will end on count 33 on Wall 10 facing 12:00. On count 33, instead of a mambo take a step forward and point your left hand towards the front wall.

Last Update: 27 Jul 2023


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