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Honey, I'm So High

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José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) & Colin Ghys (BEL) - June 2023
Intro: 32 Counts, Start at approx 13 secs

SEC 1 Modified V-Step Hitch, Slow Coaster Step, Scuff
1-2Step right forward to right diagonal, step left to left
3-4Step right back, hitch left knee
5-6Step left back, step right beside left
7-8Step left forward, scuff right forward
Restart Here on Wall 5

SEC 2 Step, Hold, ½ Turn Heel Bounces, Back, Touch, Step, Brush
1-2Step right forward, hold
3-4Turn ¼ left bouncing both heels, turn ¼ left bouncing both heels (6:00)
5-6Step left back, touch right beside left
7-8Step right forward, brush left forward

SEC 3 Step, ½ Pivot, Step, Hold, Step, ½ Pivot, Step, 3/8 Pivot
1-2Step left forward, pivot ½ right transferring weight on to right (12:00)
3-4Step left forward, hold
5-6Step right forward, pivot ½ left transferring weight on to left (6:00)
7-8Step right forward, pivot 3/8 left transferring weight on to left (1:30)

SEC 4 Cross, Touch Behind, Back, ½ Step, Step, Touch Behind, Back, 3/8 Step
1-2Cross right over left, touch left behind right
3-4Step left back, turn ½ right step right forward (7:30)
5-6Step left forward, touch right behind left
7-8Step right back, turn 3/8 left step left forward (3:00)

Dance created together for an event in the south of France

Contact :

Last Update - 28 July 2023

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! Lidia Ava August 5, 2023
Lovely 😍

Colin Ghys August 6, 2023
Thank you

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