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But, I Got A Beer In My Hand

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Absolute Beginner
Sandie Witmer (USA) - July 2023
But I Got A Beer In My Hand - Luke Bryan
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Intro: 16 Counts

Section 1: Walk Forward w/Heel, Walk Back w/Hook
1-4Walk forward R, L, R, and touch Left Heel forward
5-8Walk backward L, R, L, and hook R leg over L knee

Section 2: Vine R w/Stomp, Toe Fan Left
1-4Step R to side, step L behind, step R to side, Stomp L next to R (keeping weight on R)
5-8Fan Left foot out, in, out, in

Section 3: Vine L ¼ Turn w/Sweep, Jazz Box
1-4Step L to side, step R behind, step L forward turning ¼ turn left, Sweep R over L (no weight on R)
5-8Finish stepping R across L, step back L, step to side R, step L together with R

Section 4: Diagonal Heel Home R, L, Heel Twists L, R
1-2Touch R heel diagonally forward right, and step back together
3-4With heels together, twist heels to right and back to center
5-6Touch L heel diagonally forward left, and step back together
7-8With heels together, twist heels to left and back to center

ENDING: Turn to front on last “but I got a beer in my hand” and raise right arm straight up high like you’re holding a beer can.

End of Dance (EOD)

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Alternate Music:
Wild Hearts by Keith Urban (Country)
Tonight, the Heartache’s on Me by The Chicks (Country)
These Are the Days by Lauren Daigle (Spiritual)
Every Breath You Take by The Police (Rock)
I Can’t Help Myself by The Four Tops (50’s)
Kerosene by Miranda Lambert (Country)
Funky Cold Medina by Tone-Loc Clean Version (‘80’s Funk)
Juice by Lizzo Clean Version (Pop)

Thank You


DebK August 7, 2023
Let's get this in the DOPS rotation!! If you're a Villages line dancer you know what I'm talking about!

Sandie Witmer August 14, 2023
Thank you for the great comment! ❤️

Stayin Alive November 14, 2023
I'm the founder of DOPS. I'll definitely consider it.

Sandie Witmer November 16, 2023
Thank you DOPS founder. 💖

Stayin Alive November 20, 2023
Love the dance and will probably introduce it in December 2023 or January 2024. We'll see how it goes in class before adding it to the DOPS playlist. If the line dancers love it like I do, then it will make my playlist for dancing on the squares here in The Villages. Thank you Sandie for a lovely AB line dance.

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