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Raised Up High

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Shiloh Fogle (USA) - August 2023
But I Got A Beer In My Hand - Luke Bryan
I'm Good (Blue) - David Guetta & Bebe Rexha : (Clean Version)
Summer Baby - Jonas Brothers
Taste like Summertime - OFF KEY JUNIOR & Lovespeake
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Intro: 16 counts, start on lyrics

Section 1 - 3 walks R diagonal, touch; 3 walks back L diagonal, touch
1,2,3,4Step RF forward diagonal to R, step LF diagonal to the RF, step RF diagonal, touch LF behind RF
5,6,7,8Step LF back diagonal, step RF back diagonal to the LF, step LF diagonal, touch RF to LF
* Restart here on wall 4 after 8 counts facing 6:00

Section 2 - ¼ Right Monterey Turns X 2
1,2,3,4Point RF to R side. Turn ¼ R stepping right beside left. Point LF to L side. Step LF beside RF (3:00)
5,6,7,8Repeat steps 1-4 (6:00)
New beginners can do four step touches while making a half turn to the right until they can master the Monterey Turn

Section 3 - Hip bumps R, L, RLRL
1,2,3,4Bump hips R 2X, Bump hips L 2 X
5,6,7,8Bump hips R,L, R, L
(You can also do a hip circle for the last 4 counts instead of bumps)

Section 4 - R& L Toe Heel Struts, Jazz box
1,2Touch R toe forward, drop R heel (weighting foot)
3,4Touch L toe forward, drop L heel (weighting foot)
5,6,7,8Cross R foot over LF, step L foot back, step R foot to side, step L foot to R foot.

Start again!

Restart at wall 4 facing 6:00. Do the first 8 counts and then restart the dance.
The hip bumps were added as an homage to my mom who loves to put hip bumps or wiggles in almost any dance, giving me even more reason to smile on the dance floor.


Last Update - 19 Sep 2023 - R2


Littl' Bit August 26, 2023
Thank you to everyone that has looked at my dance so far!! I really appreciate it!!

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