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Emma Stenner (USA) & Brendan Simoens (USA) - August 2023
Stetson - Walker Hayes
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**3rd Place Country Intermediate at Sunshine ‘N Line, The Florida Masters 2024

Intro: 8 counts, approx 4 secs, start on “country”

[1 - 8] Diag Lock Steps, Heel & Cross Shuffle, Slide, Ball Cross
1,2&Step RF to R diagonal (1), Lock LF behind RF (2), Step RF to R diagonal (&)
3&4&Lock LF behind RF (3), Step RF to R diagonal (&), Touch L heel to L diagonal (4), Step ball of LF next to RF (&)
5&6&Cross RF over LF (5), Step LF to L side (&), Cross RF over LF (6), Big step/slide LF to L side dragging RF (&)
7&8Hold/continue dragging RF (7), Step ball of RF next to LF (&), Cross LF over RF (8)

[9 - 16] Side, ⅛ Sailor Heel Switches, Walk, ⅜ Back, Back Knee Pop, Claps
1,2&Big step RF to R side (1), Cross LF behind RF (2), ⅛ Turn L stepping RF next to LF (&) (10:30)
3&4&Touch L heel forward (3), Step LF next to RF (&), Touch R heel forward (4), Step RF next to LF (&)
5,6Step LF forward (5), ⅜ Turn L stepping RF back (6) (6:00)
7&8Step LF back popping R knee (7), Clap twice (&8)
Opt. styling for (&8) pop R knee in with the first clap and out with the second

[17 - 24] Coaster Step, Full Turn R, ¼ Rock & Cross, Slide, Together
1&2Step RF back (1), Step LF next to RF (&), Step RF forward (2)
3,4½ Turn R stepping LF back (3), ½ Turn R stepping RF forward (4)
5&6¼ Turn R rocking LF to L side (5), Recover onto RF (&), Cross LF over RF (6) (9:00)
7,8Big step RF to R side dragging LF (7), Step LF next to RF (8)
Opt. styling for (8) when stepping LF next to RF, pop R knee

[25 - 32] Forward, Touch, Back, Kick, Coaster Step, Full Turn R, Together, Knee Pop
1&2&Step RF forward (1), Touch L toe behind RF (&), Step LF back (2), Kick RF forward (&)
3&4Step RF back (3), Step LF next to RF (&), Step RF forward (4)
5,6½ Turn R stepping LF back (5), ½ Turn R stepping RF forward (6)
7&8Step LF next to RF (7), Pop both knees forward lifting heels (&), Return knees & heels to normal (8)
Opt. styling for (&8) on the chorus he says “Stetson.” Replace the knee pops with a hat tip!


For any questions feel free to reach out to me at

Last Update: 4 Mar 2024


Grace Marie August 17, 2023
SO FUN!!!!

AprilP73 August 26, 2023
This dance fits the music so well, both song and dance are quirky and I love them together so much! Will be teaching this to my group very very soon. Maybe we'll even do a demo to add on here because the more demos the better right, lol?

suewd September 9, 2023
Any chance of a tutorial? love the dance :-)

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