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Ba Da Ba Bam

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Absolute Beginner
Nina Skyrud (NOR) - August 2023
Voices in My Head - Rammor
Thicc As Thieves - Lauren Alaina & Lainey Wilson
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Intro 16 counts – start the dance after approx. 8 sec at the lyrics “I wonder…”

[1-8] Walk, Walk, Walk, Kick, Back, Back, Back, Touch.
1,2,3,4Walk forward R (1), L (2), R (3); Kick L forward (4) [12:00]
5,6,7,8Walk back L (5), R (6), L (7), Touch R next to L (8).
(Optional: Raise arms gradually walking fwd. and lower arms gradually walking back)

[9-16] Jump/Step to R side, Touch, Hold, Jump/Step to left side, Touch, Hold, Hip Bumps R,L,R, Hitch
&,1-2Jump/Step R to right side (&), Touch L next to R (1), Hold (2)
&,3-4Jump/Step L to left side (&), Touch R next to L (3), Hold (4)
5,6,7Step R to right side and Bump R hip right (5), Bump L hip left (6), Bump R hip right (7),
8Hitch L (8).
(Optional: Raise arms and sway both arms to R side and L side on the side jumps. Sway arms R, L, R on the hip bumps. Lower arms before the hitch. If you like, you can also snap fingers when holding count 2 and count 4. Feel free to play around with the options.)

[17-24] Vine L w/Touch, Vine R w/Touch
1,2,3,4Step L to left side (1), Cross R behind L (2), Step L to left side (3), Touch R next to L (4).
5,6,7,8Step R to right side (5), Cross L behind R (6), Step R to R side (7), Touch L next to R (8).

[25-32] Out-Out, In-In, Step, Hold, ½ Turn L
1,2Step L slightly diagonally forward left (1), Step R to right side (2)
3,4Step L back to center (3), Step R next to left (4)
5,6Step L forward (5), Hold (6),
7,8Step R forward (7), Turn 1/2 turn left stepping L forward (8). [06:00]

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Wiwiek Johan August 24, 2023

DanseNina August 24, 2023
Thank you, Wiwiek Johan!

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