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Intermediate - Catalan Style
Laura Turcaud (FR) - August 2023
Old Dirt Roads - Owen Riegling
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Intro : 32c

Dedication to the club G.C.A (génération Country Aumetz 57) for their 20th anniversary at the Country event of October 21, 2023

(1-8) Step turn ½ R, ½ turn with Back R, Together L, Rock step Back (Jumping) R, Stomp R, Hold
1-2« Step turn ½ » : RF forward (with body weight), ½ turn L (body weight on LF)
3-4½ turn L and RF back, assemble LF next to RF
5-6« Rock step back (Jumping) » : RF back and « Kick » LF forward, recover on LF
7-8« Stomp » RF next to LF, hold

(9-16) Double Foot boogie with Hold, Kick R, Hook Back R
1-6« Double Foot boogie with Hold » : Open points-heels-points, hold, close points-heels
7-8« Kick » RF forward, « Hook back » lift RF behind L leg (at the height of the tibia)

(17-24) Vine ¼ turn R, Scuff L, ¼ turn & Swivels, Hook Fwd R
1-3« Vine ¼ turn » : RF to R, cross LF behind RF, ¼ turn R and RF forward 3H
4« Scuff » rub L heel next to RF
5-7¼ turn R and « Swivels » : Assemble LF next to RF and twist to L heels-points-heels 6H
8« Hook Fwd » lift RF in front of L leg (at the height of the tibia)

(25-32) Side R, Hook Fwd L, Fwd L, Flick R, Rocking chair R
1-2RF to R, « Hook Fwd » lift LF in front of R leg (at the height of the tibia)
3-4LF forward, « Flick » lift RF back
5-8« Rocking chair » : RF forward, return on LF, RF back, recover on LF
***3 Restarts (12H) : on the walls 2-4-6

(33-40) ½ turn & Toe strut R, Rock step Back L, ½ turn & Toe strut L, Rock step Back R
1-2½ turn L and « Toe strut » : R toe back, lower R heel 12H
3-4« Rock step back » : LF back, recover on RF
5-6½ turn R and « Toe strut » : L toe back, lower L heel 6H
7-8« Rock step back » : RF back, recover on LF

(41-48) Scuff R, Stomps Out-Out R-L, Hold, Heel Fwd R, Back R with Heel Fwd L, Step L with Flick R, Scuff R
1« Scuff » rub RF heel next to LF
2-4« Stomps Out-Out » : spread RF then LF with "stomps", hold
5-6R heel forward, RF back and L heel forward
7-8body weight on LF and « Flick » lift RF back, « Scuff » rub R heel next to LF

(49-56) Side R, Together L, Back R, Hold, ½ turn & Rock step Fwd L, ½ turn with Fwd L, Scuff R
1-4RF to R, assemble LF next to R, RF back, hold
5-6½ turn L and « Rock step Fwd » : LF forward, recover on RF 12H
7-8½ turn L and LF forward, « Scuff » rub R heel next to LF 6H

(57-64) Jazz box cross R, Long side step R, Hold, Stomp L, Hold
1-4« Jazz box cross » : cross RF in front of LF, LF back, RF to R, cross LF in front of RF
5-6Long side step to R with RF, hold
7-8« Stomp » LF next to RF, hold



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