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Buckle Bunny

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Adia Nuno (USA), Tara Bianco (USA), Mackenzie Keister (USA), The Dancing Queen B (USA) & Aleigha Elston (USA) - August 2023
Buckle Bunny - Tanner Adell
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Begin After 16 Count Intro

[1-8] Out-Out Reverse Body Roll, Leg Flick Inside/Outside, Knee Lift
1,2,3-4(1)Step LF out, (2)Step RF out in line with LF, (3-4)Body roll from bottom to top (starting from knees)
5,6(5)Raise RF behind L Leg and slap RF with Lhand, (6)flick R Leg to R side and slap RF with R Hand
7,8(7)Hitch R Knee up (towards 1:30), (8)place RF down (prep)

[9-16] ¾ Spin, Land, Rock with Upper Body movement, Charging Triple Step
1, 2,(1) Turning over R shoulder, spin on RF, (2) land and place ball of LF down with L knee lounged to face 9:00
3, 4(3) Pressing weight forward, rock forward onto L Leg, (4)recover weight to R (Styling: roll upper body)
5,6(5)Pressing weight forward, rock forward onto L Leg, (6)recover weight to R (Styling: roll upper body)
7&8(7)Step L forward, (&)close R to L, (8)step R foot forward

[17-24] ½ Sweep, Pony x2, Step ¼ Sweep, Step Out, Hip Lifts
1-2(1-2)½ Turn over L shoulder stepping RF in place, Sweep LF from front to back
3&4&(3)Step LF back and hitch R knee, (&)recover weight to RF, (4)step LF in place & hitch R knee, (&)step LF in place
5&6(5)Step LF down, Making ¼ turn to face 6:00 sweep RF from front to back, (&)Step RF, (6)Step/replace LF
7,8(7)Shifting weight to R side lift R hip up to the back, (8)Shifting weight to L side lift L hip up to the back

[25-32] Triple Step, Dag Hitch, Drag, Knee Pop, Point, ½ Pivot
1&2(1)Step R to R side, (&)Close Lf to R, (2)step R to r side
3,4(3)Drag L and flick L leg, (4) step LF down towards 5:00
5,6,7,8(5)Drag L Leg in to R, (6)Pop R knee, (7)Point R leg back, (8)½ pivot over R shoulder shifting weight to R foot to face 9:00

Adia Nuño Makenzie Keister
Tara Bianco 
Aleigha Elston

Last Update - 25 Aug. 2023 - R1


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