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Something Good's Gonna Happen

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Lyn Booth (AUS) - September 2023
Introduction 1-ish Count (starting on the word…don’t like my smokin’)

[1-8] Shuffle R Rock/Replace, Shuffle L Rock-Replace
1&2Shuffle Right to side: Step R to side, L together, Step R to side
3,4Rock Back L behind R, Replace Wt R)
5&6Shuffle Left to side: Step L to side, R together, Step L to side
7,8Rock Back on R behind L, Replace Wt L

[9-16] Step Tap R, Step Tap L, V shape Step out/out, in/in
1,2,3,4Step R diag R tap L beside R, Step L diag L, tap L beside R
5,6,7,8V: Step R diag R, Step L diag L, Step R back centre, L back centre (Wt L)
**Restart 2 on Wall 7 (6 o’clock)

[17-24] Shuffle R back, Rock Back L/Replace R, Shuffle Fwd L, Step R ¼ Pivot L (Wt L)
1&2Shuffle back on R: R-L-R
3,4Step Rock back L, Repace R
5&6Shuffle Fwd L-R-L
7,8Step Fwd R, ¼ Pivot L (Wt L)
*Restart 1 on Wall 3 (3 o’clock)

[25-32] Cross Point, Cross Point, Jazz Box Together
1,2,3,4Cross R Over L, Point R to side, Cross L Over R, Point R to side
5,6,7,8Jaz Box: Step R over L, Step L Back, Step R to side, Step L Beside R


*Restart on Wall 3 after 24 counts (restart at 3 o’clock)
**Restart is on Wall 7 Back Wall: Dance to count 16 and restart to Back Wall

Tag/Ending: At the end of wall 9 take a big step L to side (count 8) and drag right to left (a 4 count drag) … When music kicks in start the last wall to front…
ENDING: Dance to count 13 ta da….

Lyn Booth: (Mobile: 0402 908444) CoastalSlickersLineDancers


Mr. GSG September 14, 2023
Hi Lyn dear friend, nice dance you did. When my beginner class starts they will get to learn it! Kind regards Ivan -aka Line Dance Wanderer!

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