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But I Got a Beer

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Helene Lavoie (CAN) & Michel Auclair (CAN) - September 2023
But I Got A Beer In My Hand - Luke Bryan
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Intro: 16 counts – Start on RF - One restart - No tags.

[1-8] (Heel, Hook, Shuffle Fwd) X 2,
1-2Right Heel Fwd, Cross RF in front of Left Leg,
3&4Shuffle RF, LF, RF,
5-6Left Heel Fwd, Cross LF in front of Right Leg,
7&8Shuffle LF, RF, LF,
*At this point of the dance, at the 3rd routine, you restart the dance.

[9-16] (Side Step, Flick + Clap) X 2, Side Step, Cross Behind, Side Shuffle,
1-2Step Rf on R, Flick LF behind Right Leg, On count 2, Clap Hands.
3-4Step LF on L, Flick RF behind Left Leg, On count 4, Clap hands.
5-6Step RF to R, Cross LF behind RF,
7&8Side Shuffle on right Rf, LF, RF,

[17-24] Back Cross Rock, Shuffle Back ¼ turn, Shuffle Fwd ½ turn, Step Fwd, Touch Behind,
1-2Back Rock Step LF, Recover,
3&4Shuffle Back ¼ turn to right LF, RF, LF, 3:00
5&6Shuffle Fwd ½ turn to right RF, LF, RF, 9:00
7-8Step Fwd LF, Touch RF behind LF,

[25-32] Back Step, Hook, Step Fwd, Flick, Stomp, Twist, (Twist) X 3
1-2Back Step RF, Hook LF cross over RF, On count 2, tap left ankle with right hand.
3-4Step Fwd LF, Flick RF behind LF, On count 4, tap right heel withleft hand.
5-6Stomp Down RF next to left, Twist Heels to right, .
7&8Twist Toes to right, Twist Heels to right, Twist Toes to fight On count 8, wait is on left. 6:00

[33-40] (Side, Touch) X 3, Step ¼ turn, Touch,
1-2Step RF to right, Touch LF next to RF,
3-4Step LF to left, Touch RF next to LF,
5-6Step RF to right, Touch LF next to RF,
7-8Step ¼ turn LF to left, Touch RF next to LF,

[41-48] Out, Out, In, In, (Hip Bump) X2,
&1-2Step out RF, Step out LF, Hold, On count 2, clap hands once.
&3-4Back Step in RF, Back Step in LF, Hold, On count 4, clap hands twice.
5-6(Hip Bump) X 2 to right,
7-8(Hip Bump) X 2 to left,

Stepsheet written by Hélène Lavoie


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