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When I Get Old AB

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Absolute Beginner
Annette Lapp (DK) - September 2023
When I Get Old - Christopher & CHUNG HA : (album: Single - When I Get Old - iTunes)
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Intro: 32 count

Step Right Forward with Left Touches, Step Left Back with Right Touches
1 – 2Step right forward, touch left forward
3 – 4Touch left back, touch left forward
5 – 6Step left back, touch right back
7 – 8touch right forward, touch right back

Rumba Box Forward with Touch
1 – 2Step right to right, left beside right
3 – 4Step right forward, touch left beside right
5 – 6Step left to left, right beside left
7 – 8Step left back, touch right beside left

Right and Left Diagonal Back, Touch and Clap, Vine Right, Touch
1 – 2Step right diagonal back, touch left beside right and clap
3 – 4Step left diagonal back, touch right beside left and clap
5 – 6Step right to right, step left behind right
7 – 8Step right to right, touch left beside right

Vine Left, Touch, Step forward, Hold, Step ¼ Left, Hold
1 – 2Step left to left, step right behind left
3 – 4Step left to left, touch right beside left
5 – 6Step right forward, hold
7 – 8¼ turn left, hold



Novi3NLD September 16, 2023
❀ItπŸ’ƒπŸ‘ πŸŒΊ5⭐

FruLapp September 16, 2023
Thank you Novi...

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