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Hey Now

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Raymond Sarlemijn (NL)
Hey Now - Ira Losco
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Restart in wall 6 after 16 counts

Rf to right, LF together, Shuffle right, LF step left, recover weight RF, Shuffle left.
1RF step right.
2LF close RF.
3Rf step right.
&LF close RF.
4RF step right.
5LF step left.
6Recover weight on RF.
7LF step left.
&RF close LF.
8LF step left.

Syncopated Cuban breaks with RF, syncopated Cuban breaks with LF
1RF cross forward LF.
&Recover weight on LF.
2RF touch RF backwards.
&Recover weight on LF.
3RF cross forward LF.
&Recover weight on LF.
4RF step right.
5LF cross forward RF.
&Recover weight on LF.
6LF touch backwards.
&Recover weight on RF
7LF cross forward RF.
&Recover weight on RF.
8LF step left

RF cross over LF, LF left, ¼ turn right, coaster step, rock forward LF, rock forward RF.
1RF cross over LF.
2LF step left.
3¼ turn right, RF step backwards.
&LF closes RF.
4RF step forward.
5LF rock forward.
6Recover weight RF.
&LF closes RF.
7RF rock forward.
8Recover weight LF.

RF step back, look back, recover weight LF, ½ turn left, coaster step, walk walk
1RF step backwards.
2Head look backwards.
3Recover weight on LF, look forward.
4½ turn left, RF step backwards.
5LF step backwards.
&RF closes LF.
6LF step forward.
7RF walk forward.
8LF walk forward.

Start again and have fun.

2023 16 SEP 2 12 NOV '23 200


LST September 20, 2023
This dance has a re-start at Wall 6 after 16 counts, and choreographer has amended the dance sheet to reflect this. Also in the choreographer's Teach/Demo video.

Majority of the demos by dancers unfortunately do not show a restart.

raymond sarlemijn September 21, 2023
The Stepsheet is correct and video as well 😀

SallyM39 September 27, 2023
Your step sheet is very hard to follow. I prefer the way the majority of step sheets are written. For instance put steps 1,2 on the same line, then 3&4 to follow, 5,6, then 7&8 to follow. Second section should 1&2&3&4, the 4&5&7&8. Putting each step on a new line is confusing and doesn't let us look ahead for the & steps. We are teaching experienced dancers and don't need to go one step at a time. Thank you for your great dances!

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