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Xi Lou Er Nu (西楼儿女)

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Heru Tian (INA) - September 2023
Xi Lou Er Nu (西楼儿女) - Hai Lai A Mu (海来阿木)
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***3 Tags, No Restarts
**Tag 2C : Sync Rocking Chair
1&2&Rock R fwd (1), Recover on L (&), Rock R backward (2), Recover on L (&)
(Tag at the end of Wall 2, 8 & 10)

Section 1 : Fwd, Fwd Mambo Sweep, Sailor, Basic NC, Weave
1Step R fwd (1)
2&3Rock L fwd (2), Recover on R (&), Step L back with Sweep R front to back (3)
4&5Step R behind (4), Step L beside R (&), Big step L into Basic NC (5)
6&Step L slightly behind R (6), Cross R over L (&)
78&Step L to Side (7), Cross R behind L (8), Step L to Side (&)

Section 2 : Cross Rock, 1/4R Fwd, Fwd, Fwd, Spiral Turn L, Fwd, Sync Rocking Chair, Pivot 1/2L, Touch
12&Rock R cross over L (1), Recover on L (2), 1/4R, Step R fwd (&) facing 3.00
34&Step L fwd (3), Step R fwd, spiral turn L (4), Step L fwd (&)
5&6&Rock R fwd (5), Recover on L (&), Rock R backward (6), Recover on L (&)
78&Step R fwd (7), Pivot 1/2L, Step L in place (8), Touch R next to L (&) facing 9.00

Start again..

Enjoy the dance


Marchy Susilani September 11, 2023
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Erni September 13, 2023
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