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Be Myself Again

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Jeff McQuarrie (CAN) - September 2023
Be Myself Again - Eric Ben├ęt
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Out, Out & Cross, Side, Sailor Heel, Ball Cross, 3/4 Turn Left
&1&2  (Quickly) Step R out to R side & Step L out to L side, Step R next to L, Step L across R
3-4&5Step R to side, Step L behind, & Step R back, touch L Heel R Diagonal
&6-7-8Step L In, cross R over L, 1/4 R stepping Back on L, 1/2 turn R stepping fwd R

Step Fwd Touch, 2 Ball Touch’s Back, Ball Point Fwd, Side, 1/4 Coaster
1,2 Step L fwd, Touch R behind L
&3&4Quickly Step back R & touch L fwd, Quickly Step back L & touch R fwd
&5-6 Quickly Step back R, touch L fwd, touch L side
7&8 1/4 turn L Stepping Back L, Step R together, L Step fwd

2 x Forward Dorothy Steps, 2 x 1/2 Pivots
1-2&. Step R fwd on R diagonal, Step L behind & Quickly Step fwd R
3-4& Step L fwd on L diagonal, Step R behind & Quickly Step fwd L
5-6-7-8 Step fwd R, 1/2 pivot L, Step fwd r, 1/2 pivot L       

Stomp heel toe heel X 2
1-2Stomp R to R diagonal, Twist L heel towards R 
3-4 Twist L Toes towards R, Touch L Toe beside R
5-6Stomp L to L diagonal, Twist R heel towards L
7-8Twist R Toes towards L. Touch R beside L

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Last Update: 24 Sep 2023


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