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Honky Tonk Highways (P)

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Easy Intermediate - Pattern Partner
Barb Monroe (USA) & Dave Monroe (USA) - September 2023
Honky Tonk Highway - Luke Combs
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Couples start with 2 hand hold, men facing OLOD with women facing ILOD
Footwork is opposite throughout the dance. Men’s footwork is described except where noted.

(1-8) Slide R, Touch L, Touch L, Touch L, Step L, Touch, Step R, Touch
1-4Long slide R, touch L to L side, touch L half way together, touch L next to R
5-8Step L, touch R beside L, Step R, touch L beside R

(9-12) Man’s ½ turn (belt loop turn), Touch, Lady’s ¼ turn, Touch
1-4Man: Turn ¼ turn L stepping L, Turn ¼ turn L stepping R, Step L next to R, Touch R (facing ILOD)
1-4Lady: Step R in place, Turn ¼ turn R stepping L, Step R forward, Touch L (facing LOD)
NOTE: Man will be down line of Lady on the outside track facing ILOD. Drop hands to do the turn then Man’s L and Lady’s R hands will reconnect

(13-16) Man’s ¼ turn, Touch, Lady’s full turn, Touch
5-8Man: Turn ¼ turn R stepping R, L, R, touch L (facing LOD)
5-8Lady: Turn ¼ turn L stepping L, Turn ½ turn L stepping R, Turn ¼ turn L stepping L, Touch R
NOTE: Lady does a full turn L passing under man’s L arm. Man’s L and Lady’s R hands are connected and the turn will ending in side by side position. Man on outside and Lady on inside both facing LOD

(17-24) Step, Lock, Step, Brush, Step, Lock, Step, Touch
1-4Step forward L, Lock R behind L, Step forward L, Brush R
5-8Step R forward, Lock L behind R, Step R forward, Touch L beside R

(25-32) Vine L, Touch, Turn ¼ R, Touch, Step Back, Touch
1-4Step L to L side (passing behind the lady), Step R behind L, Step L to L side, Touch R
5-6Turning ¼ turn R step R towards your partner (man facing OLOD, Lady’s facing ILOD), Touch L next to R
7-8Step L straight back away from your partner, Touch R next to L
NOTE: (1-4) Drop hands during the vine and connect Man’s R and Lady’s L on the touch.
(5-8) Reconnect Man’s L and Lady’s R hands on the turn touch to go back to two hands position

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