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Drinkaby (P)

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Easy Intermediate Pattern Partner
Barb Monroe (USA) & Dave Monroe (USA) - September 2023
Drinkaby - Cole Swindell
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Couples start facing each other with double hand hold. Man facing OLOD and Lady facing ILOD
Opposite footwork through out. Man’s footwork is described

(1-8) Touch, Kick, Coaster Step, Touch, Kick, Coaster Step
1-4Touch R beside L, Kick R forward, Right coaster step stepping R back, L next to R, R forward
5-8Repeat 1-4 with L touch, kick and L coaster step

(9-16) Rock, Recover, Cross Shuffle, ¼ R stepping L, ½ R stepping R, Shuffle forward
1-4Rock side R, Recover L, Cross shuffle R L R (both hands are still connected)
5-8Turn ¼ R stepping L (facing RLOD), Turn ½ R stepping R, Shuffle forward L R L (facing LOD)
Arms: Man’s L and Lady’s R are connected on the ¼ turn then Man’s R and Lady’s L connect after ½ turn

(17-24) Step, Lock, Shuffle, Step, Lock, Shuffle
1-4Step R forward, Lock L behind R, Shuffle forward R L R
5-8Step L forward, Lock R behind L, Shuffle forward L R L

(25-32) Shuffle, Shuffle, Step ½ turn, Step ¼ turn
1-4Shuffle forward R L R, Shuffle forward L R L
5-8Step R forward, Turn ½ L stepping L (facing RLOD), Step R forward, Turn ¼ L stepping L (facing OLOD)
Arm’s: Drop arms during the ½ and ¼ turns then reconnect arms in starting position

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