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Rock 'N' Roll Ruby

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Chris Cleevely (UK) - September 2023
Rock N Roll Ruby - Warren Smith
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(16 count intro)

Section 1 (Counts 1 – 8) Point R to R Side, Point Forward; Point R to R Side, Flick R Behind; R Grapevine, Touch L
1 - 2Point R toe to R side, point R toe forward
3 - 4Point R toe to R side, flick R behind L
5 - 6Step R to R side, cross L behind R
7 - 8Step R to R side, touch L toe beside R

Section 2 (Counts 9 – 16) Point L to L Side, Point Forward; Point L to L Side, Flick L Behind; L Grapevine 1/4 L, Scuff R
1 - 2Point L toe to L side, point L toe forward
3 - 4Point L toe to L side, flick L behind R
5 - 6Step L to L side, cross R behind L
7 - 8Making 1/4 L, step L to L side, scuff R beside L (9 o’clock)

Section 3 (Counts 17 – 24) Rock Forward R, Recover; Rock Forward R, Scuff L (optional Clap); Rock Forward L, Recover, Rock Forward L, Scuff R (optional clap)
1 - 2Rock forward R, recover weight on L
3 - 4Rock forward R, scuff L beside R (optional clap)
5 - 6Rock forward L, recover weight on R
7 - 8Rock forward L, scuff R (optional clap)

Section 4 (Counts 25 – 32) 2 x 1/4 paddle turns L; Step Out, Out, In, In
1 - 2Touch ball of R forward, pivot 1/4 L (weight on L) (6 o’clock)
3 - 4Touch ball of R forward, pivot 1/4 L (weight on L) (3 o’clock)
5 - 6Step small step to R side, step small step to L side
7 - 8Step R back to centre, step L back to centre

Ending: Dance counts 5-8 (grapevine) section 2 on front wall.



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