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Faded Dreams EZ

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High Beginner
S.M. Fulton (USA) - September 2023
Ain't Got A Shot - Nate Barnes
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8-count intro 2 restarts, 1 tag

SET 1: Forward, pivot-half, ball, step, quarter-together, sway x 3, side-together, quarter shuffle 
1Step R forward across L, prepping for turn by angling foot with toes to the left. Torque R shoulder slightly to right as well.
2 a 3Over left shoulder, (2) pivot half to 6:00 on L, (a) R ball, (3) L step forward
4 a 5 6 7Keep turning left: (4) Step R a quarter (3:00), (a) step L next to R, (567) sway-sway-sway RLR
8 a 1Again turning to left with quarter shuffle: (8) Step L a quarter to 12:00***[restart point], (a) R forward, (1) L forward
NOTE: These turns should be smooth curving motions

SET 2: Quarter chasse, sway-sway-sway
2 a 3Continue turning left, quarter chasse: (2) open a quarter to 9:00, (a) L together, (3) R side. 
4 5 6 7Sway left, right, left, right. Move your shoulders and body with the sways: L shoulder up with L sway, R shoulder with R sway. On last sway, prep for smooth transition into the coming sailor step by torquing right shoulder forward slightly and left back
NOTE: See harder options below.

SET 3: L & R sailor steps, sailor quarter touch, shuffle, shuffle (into first count of new wall)
8 a 1 2 a 3(8 a 1) L sailor step, (2 a 3) R sailor
4 a 5L quarter sailor touch: (4) L behind, (a) R quarter side (6:00), (5) touch L slightly in front of R
6 a 7 8 a 1(6 a 7) L shuffle forward, (8 a 1) R shuffle forward. Last step is first step on new wall.

RESTARTS, WALLS 3 AND 6, each time starting dance at front wall. Dance through Count 8 of first set, and restart. Each time, the wall starts at the front and the restart's at the front.
2-COUNT TAG AFTER WALL 7: Walk-walk RL. Wall 7 starts at 12:00 and ends at 6:00. Note that the last step of the 8 a 1 shuffle of Set 3 would be the first walk (count 1 of tag). Then you step forward L (count 2), and then start the dance with your forward R step.

NOTE: This dance is written as a split floor to Faded Dreams by Glover, Ward & Whitehouse. I have tried to match this dance somewhat with the harder dance. For example, you go immediately to the back wall just as in the harder dance, for example. And the restarts are also 8 counts in, and the tag is the same and in the same place.
If going immediately into the half turn is too much, you can just drop the half turn and go forward: Forward, forward-ball-step. The matched-up sections would no longer match.

HARDER OPTION 1 (but still high beginner level): The rolling 8 count rhythm can be enhanced - that is, made harder - by adding steps. In Set 2, after the (2 a 3) quarter chasse at 9:00, try (a 4) ball-side, (a 5 6 7) ball-sway-sway-sway. Thus, two "a" beats are added. The whole group of steps: 8 a 1, 2 a 3, a 4, a 5 6 7.
HARDER OPTION 2: In Set 2, after the (2 a 3) quarter chasse at 9:00, do (4 & a) behind-side-cross then do the sways. The speed of the music is slow, so this is easily done, and you get a stronger sense of the rolling 8 rhythm.

Last Update: 29 Sep 2023


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