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Hey Bob Dylan

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Rafel Corbí (ES) - September 2023
Hey Bob Dylan - Ron A.McNeill
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Side touches, Rhumba FW, Side Touches, Rhumba Back
1-2Step Right to R, Left beside R
3&4Step Right to R, Left beside R, Step Right forward
5-6Step Left to L, Right beside L
7&8Step Left to L, Right beside L, Step Left back

Triple Lock Back, Coaster Step, Two Shuffles Forward
9&10Step Right back, lock Left in front of Right, step Right back
11&12Step Left back, lock Right in front of Left, step Left back
13&14Step Right back, Left beside Right, step Right forward
15&16Step Left forward, Right beside Left, step Left forward

Chase 1/2 Turn L, Chase 3/4 Turn R, Toe Touches, Behind Side Cross
17&18Step Right forward, pivot half turn left, step Right forward 6:00
19&20Step Left forwward, pivot 3/4 turn right, step Left forward 3:00
21&22Touch Right toe to right, touch Right beside Left, touch Right toe to right
23&24Step Right behind Left, step Left to left, cross Right over Left

Toe Touches, Behind Side Cross, Mambo Forward, Coaster Cross
25&26Touch Left toe to left, touch Left beside Right, touch Left toe to leftt
27&28Step Left behind Right, step Right to right, cross Left over Right
29&30Rock Right forward, return weight back onto Left, step Right back
31&32Step Left back, Right beside Left, cross Left over Right


**2 restarts on walls 3 (looking 9:00) & 6 (looking 6:00), after 20 counts


Sanduey September 26, 2023
What a fun dance and I love the music. Very nice video - easy to follow.

Trine S March 10, 2024
Dear Rafael
We are very fond of this dance of yours. However there seem to be a few lines in the stepsheet that does not correspond with each other. In section one you write side touches with bold letters, but you describe rumba steps below in the detailed coreography (I really do prefer the rumba steps :-)). And in section two you write one tripple lock back with bold letters, but two times tripple lock back in the detailed coreography. This caused a bit of confusion at an event yesterday. A can see in your video that you dance as described with bold letters. I have always been told to follow the detailed coreography and unfortunately did not check the video.

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