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High 10

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Beginner - Contra
Shellie Stone (USA) - September 2023
Crushin' It - Brad Paisley
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Dance starts 32 counts in after beer can crush on the lyrics - No tags or restarts
Weight starts on L in lines facing the person directly across from you about arms length apart

Section 1: Heel switches w/claps x2
1&Place R heel forward, Step R next to L
2&Place L heel Forward, Step L next to R
3&4Place R heel forward, Double clap
&5&Step R next to L, Place L heel Forward, Step L next to R
6&Place R Heel forward, Step R next to L
7&8Left heel forward, Double clap

Section 2: Toe switches w/ claps x 2
1&Point L to L side, Step L next to R
2&Point R to R side, Step R next to L
3&4Point L to L side, Double clap
&5&Step L next to R, Point R to R side, Step R next to L
6&Point L to L side, Step L next to R
7&8Point R to R side, Double clap

Section 3: R Heel Kick, Coaster Step, L Heel Kick Coaster Step
1,2Tap R heel forward, Kick R forward
3&4Step R back, Step L next to R, Step R forward
5,6Tap L heel forward, Kick L forward
7&8Step L back, Step R next to L, Step L forward

Section 4: Walk forward, hitch knee & high 10 with partner, Walk back, Touch
1,2Step R forward, Step L forward
3,4Step R forward, Hitch L knee and slap hands with partner
5,6Step L back, Step R back
7,8Step L back, Touch R next to L

End of dance!

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