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Goodbye My Friend (朋友再见)

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High Beginner
Gao Xiang (CN) - September 2023
Bella Ciao (Edited Pure Music)
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SEC1: Back,Touch,Forward,Touch,x2(12:00)
1,2,3,4:Step R back, touch L together,step L fwd, touch R together
5,6,7,8:repeat 1-4
Option:On counts 1-2 and 5-6, slightly lean body backwards.

SEC2: Turn Diagonal walk,Lock,walk,hold(1:30)
1,2,3,4Turn1/8R as you walk R fwd,lock L behind R,walk R fwd,lock L behind R
5&6&Walk R fwd,lock L behind R,walk R fwd, lock L behind R
7,8R fwd,hold

SEC3: Turn,Point,COASTER STEP(12:00)
1,2,3&4Turn 1/8 L as Point L to side twice,L step back, R close next to L, L step fwd
5,6,7&8Point R to side twice, R step back, L close next to R, R step fwd

SEC4: Big Side,Drag,Stomp(12:00)
1,2,3,4Big step L to left,drag R next to L,stomp R beside left
5,6,7, 8Repeat 1-4(weight on L)

SEC5: Fwd,Turn,Point,Lock Shuffle,Forwardx2(6:00)
1,2,3&4Step R fwd,Turn 1/4 R and point L to left, walk L fwd, lock R behind L, step L fwd(3:00)
5,6,7&8repeat 1-4(6:00)

SEC6: Drawing Circle,Stomp
1,2,3&4R point front,R point drawing to side(weight on L),stomp R-L-R(weight on R)
5,6,7&8L point front,L point drawing to side,(weight on R),stomp L-R-L(weight on L)

Have Fun !

Contacts: Gao Xiang(高翔)

Last Update –25 September 2023


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