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Spooky Scary Skeletons

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High Beginner
Aria WaWaWasshoi (JP) - October 2023
Spooky Scary Skeletons - LVCRFT
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Intro : 8 counts, approximately 26 seconds,
Tag : 16 counts×2, After wall 1, wall 2,

【1-8】 Touch RF toe, Touch LF toe, V-step,
1-2Touch RF toe heel up diagonally forward (Open R-hand), Together RF beside LF (Close R-hand),
3-4Touch LF toe heel up diagonally forward (Open L-hand), Together LF beside RF (Close L-hand),
5-6Step RF to R diagonally forward (Up R-elbow), Step LF to L diagonally forward (Up L-elbow).
7-8Step back RF, step LF beside RF (Keep up R&L-elbows),

【9-16】 Stomp R×2, Hitch R, Step RF forward, Together LF beside RF, 1/4 monterey turn R,
1-2Stomp RF×2, Hitch RF,
3-4Step RF forward, Together LF beside RF,
5-6Point RF to R side, 1/4 turn R together RF beside LF,
7-8Point LF to L side, Together LF beside RF,

【17-24】 Rolling Vine to R, Rolling Vine to L,
1-2Turn 1/4 RF forward, Turn 1/2 to R step LF back,
3-4Turn 1/4 RF to R side, Touch LF beside RF,
5-6Turn 1/4 LF forward, Turn 1/2 to L step RF back,
7-8Turn 1/4 LF to L side, Touch RF beside LF,

【25-32】 Step RF to R diagonally forward (Shimmy shoulders), Step LF to L (Shimmy shoulders),
1-4Step RF to R diagonally forward weight L to R (Shmmy shoulders),
5-7Weight R to L (Shimmy shoulders),
8Touch RF beside LF,

【Tag】 Pony Step Back × 2, Sway ×3 R L R (Up both elbows), Hold (Keep up both elbows),
1&2Step RF back hitch L knee step down LF next to RF, Step RF back hitch L knee,
3&4Step LF back hitch R knee step down RF next to LF, Step LF back hitch R knee,
5-6Step RF to R side sway (Up both elbows), Step LF to L side sway (Keep up both elbows),
7-8Step RF to R side sway (Keep up both elbows), Hold,

【Tag】 Samba step × 2, Rock recover, Coaster step,
1&2Cross LF side RF to R, Recover LF,
3&4Cross RF side LF to L, Recover RF,
5-6Rock forward on LF, Recover back on RF,
7-8Step LF back Step RF beside LF, Step LF forward

Last Update: 18 Jul 2024


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