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Our Own Party

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Roy Hadisubroto (NL), Shane McKeever (N.IRE) & Jo Thompson Szymanski (USA) - October 2023
Dance (Our Own Party) - The Busker
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Intro: 16 Counts, approx. on the lyrics at approx. 9 seconds. Start with weight on L
Note: 3 Restarts with Tag, Walls 2 and 5 after 16 counts and Wall 8 after 8 counts

[1 – 8] Diag Rock Fwd, Rec, Behind Side Cross, Diag Step, Swivels, Hitch, Behind, ⅜ Turn, Fwd
1 – 2Rock R fwd to R diagonal pushing hips fwd (1), Recover on L pushing hips back dragging R heel (2) 1:30
3&4Step R behind L (3), Square up to 12:00 stepping L to L (&), Cross R over L (4) 12:00
5&6&Step L fwd to L diagonal (5), Swivel heels L (&), Return heels to center (weight on R) (6), Hitch L knee (&) 10:30
7&8Step L behind R (7), ⅜ turn R stepping R fwd (&), Step L fwd (8) 3:00

[9 – 16] Brush, Hitch ½, Big Step Back with Drag, Coaster Step, Toe Drag Sweep x4
&1-2Brush R fwd (&), ½ Turn L hitching R knee (1) Big step back on R dragging L heel (Push R hand fwd) (2) 9.00
3&4Step L back (3), Step R beside L (&), Step L fwd (4) 9:00
5-6Step R fwd & sweep L fwd dragging tip of toes (5) Step L fwd & sweep R fwd dragging tip of toes (6) 9:00
7-8Step R fwd & sweep L fwd dragging tip of toes (7) Step L fwd & sweep R fwd dragging tip of toes (8) 9:00

[17 – 24] Rock, Sweep, Sailor ½, Diagonal Lock Step, Close, Heel Swivels Up and Down
1-2Rock R fwd (1), Recover weight back to L sweeping R back (2) 9:00
3&4¼ Turn R crossing R behind L (3), ¼ Turn R stepping L beside R (&), Step fwd R (4) 3:00
5&6&Step L to L diagonal (5), Lock R behind L (&), Step L to L diagonal (6), Close R beside L (&) 3:00
7&8Rising up on balls of feet swivel both heels to R (7), Return heels back to center (&), Bending knees swivel both heels R (weight on R) (8) 3:00

[25 – 32] Ball Cross, Unwind ½, Reverse ½ with Heel Bounces, Side, Touch Behind, Full Turn
&1-2Step ball of L slightly back (&), Cross R over L (1), Unwind ½ turn L ending with feet apart (weight on L) (Click R hand straight up looking down over L shoulder) (2) 9:00
3-4¼ Turn R as you bounce both heels (3), ¼ Turn R as you bounce both heels (weight on R) (4) (Slowly bring R hand down across face with palm facing outward as you do heel bounces) 3:00
5-6Step L to L (5), Touch R behind L (Prepping upper body and arms to L) (6) 3:00
7-8-a¼ Turn R stepping R fwd (7), ½ Turn R stepping L back (8), Make ¼ Turn R to go into the beginning of the dance (a) Non-turning option: Omit the full turn and instead do a kick ball cross: Kick R fwd to R diag (7), Step ball of R slightly back (&), Cross L over R (8) 3:00

Tag: On walls 2 and 5, dance 16 counts then do the tag, On wall 8, dance 8 counts then do the tag. After the tag, restart from beginning of the dance. Tag 1 faces 12:00, Tag 2 faces 3:00, Tag 3 faces 12:00
[1-8] Knee Roll R, Knee Roll L, Hip Roll, Ball Cross, Knee Pop
1-2Step R to R slowly rolling hip and R knee out over 2 counts (Slowly push index finger of R hand (finger pointing up) forward from center out to R side following R knee) (1-2) 12:00
3-4Step L to L slowly rolling hip and knee out over 2 counts (Slowly push palm of L hand forward from center out to L side following L knee) (1-2) 12:00
5-6Place both hands on front of hips, circle hips clockwise from R to L (5), Finish with weight on L (6) 12.00
&7&8Step ball of R beside L (&), Cross L over R (Bring hands level with shoulders and palms facing up) (7), Pop both knees fwd (Lift shoulders up keeping hands in previous position) (&) Recover heels to floor (weight on L) (Drop shoulders back down keeping hands in previous position) (8)
Option: On these counts in the 3rd and final tag, you can choose to do the same as tag 1 and 2 or, for fun, rather than doing the knee pop/arm movements, do a cross unwind full turn like this:
Prep upper body and arms L as you do the ball cross (&7), Unwind full turn R, keeping weight on L, lifting R knee, placing both arms up with hands together (8). When you start dance again, place hands out to sides and look up to the sky. 12.00

Ending: Dance ends facing 12:00 after 16 counts of wall 10. Keep doing Toe Sweep Drags as music fades. 12.00

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Happy Feeet December 1, 2023
We love it ! ❤️
Thank you to a great team for this awesomely fun choreography.

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