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Your Heart, Or Mine?

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High Beginner
Shirley Blankenship (USA) & K. Sholes (USA) - October 2023
Your Heart Or Mine - Jon Pardi
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Stomp R, L; R Sailor Step; Stomp L, R; L Sailor Step
1-2 3&4Stomp R, L; R sailor step (R behind L, step side L, step on R )
5-6 7&8Stomp L, R; L sailor step (L behind R, step side R, step on L)
Restart on wall 3.  @ 12:00

Walk R, L; R Forward Shuffle; Rock, recover; L Coaster Step
1-2 3&4Walk forward R, L; shuffle forward R, L, R
5-6 7&8Rock forward on L, recover on R; (Coaster step) back on L, right together, forward on L

Stomp R, L; R Lock Step Back; Stomp L, R; L Lock Step Back
1-2 3&4Stomp R, L; step back on R, lock L over R, step on R
5-6 7&8Stomp L, R; step back on L, lock R over L, step on L

1/4 Pivot L; R Shuffle forward; Rock, Recover; Pivot 1/4 L, Cha Cha Cha
1-2 3&4Step forward on R, Pivot 1/4 L; R shuffle forward
5-6 7&8Rock forward on L, recover on R; Pivot 1/4 L with Cha Cha Cha

Have fun & enjoy!

Last Update: 16 Oct 2023


Honeydue October 16, 2023
voted 6 Nice

K.K. October 17, 2023
Thank you, Honeydue! 😘

Miske October 17, 2023

K.K. October 18, 2023

Ribka October 18, 2023

K.K. October 18, 2023
Thank you so much, Ribka! 😘

Barbara Thurber October 23, 2023
I love it, Shirley!

shirlblank October 23, 2023
Thank you, Barbara😊

Vee Trias October 23, 2023
Done vote #21

MaggieS October 24, 2023

K.K. October 24, 2023
Thank you Vee Trias & MaggieS! 😘😘😘

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