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No More Good Nights

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Mona Leth (DK) - October 2023
No More Good Night Songs - Kirsti Carr : (iTunes)
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Intro: 16 Count
Ending: In section 2: Replace Kickball Step with just a step forward….

Section 1: Shuffle Diagonally R and L , Forward Rock, Coaster-step.
1&2Step Right diagonally Right forward (1.30), close Left next to Right, step Right forward
3&4Step Left diagonally Left forward (10.30), close Right next to Left, step Left forward
5-6Rock forward on Right, recover on Left.(12.00)
7&8Step Right back, close Left next to Right, Step Right forward

Section 2: Forward Rock , Shuffle ½ turn Left, Step ½ turn L, R Kickball Step
1-2Rock forward on Left, recover on Right
3&4Shuffle ½ turn Left stepping Left, Right, Left (6.00)
5-6Step forward Right, turn ½ Left, (12.00)
7&8Kick Right, close Right to Left, step forward Left. (Ending here : do instead a Step forward on Right)

Section 3:- Cross Back, ¼ turn Shuffle, Cross Back, Shuffle ¼ turn.
1-2Cross Right over Left, Step back on Left
3&4Make a ¼ right and shuffle to the right stepping Right, Left, Right (3.00)
5-6Cross Left over Right, Step back on Right
7&8Shuffle to the left stepping Left, Right, ¼ turn left. (12.00)

Section 4: Forward Rock, Ballstep Back Right, step back Left-right, Coaster, Step ¼ turn Left.
1-2Rock Forward On Right, Recover On Left,
&3-4Close Right to Left (&), Step Back Left, Step back Right
5&6Step Left back, close Right next to Left, Step Left forward
7-8Step Forward Right, Turn ¼ turn Left, (Weight on Left) (9.00)

Section 5: Cross Point, Behind-side-cross, Side Rock, Behind-side-forward
1-2Cross Right over Left, Point Left to the Left,
3&4Cross Left behind Right, Step Right to the Right, Cross Left over Right
5-6Rock Right to the Right, Recover on Left
7&8Cross Right behind Left, Step Left to the Left, Step Right forward.

Section 6: Rock forward, Shuffle ½ turn L, Full Turn L, Mambostep
1-2Rock Left forward, Recover on Right.
3&4Shuffle ½ turn Left stepping Left, Right, Left (3.00)
5-6Turn ½ left stepping back on Right, turn ½ left stepping forward on Left
7&8Rock forward on Right, Recover on Left, Close Right to Left

Section 7: Step back L, Step back R, Sailorstep L, Sailorstep ¼ turn R, Shuffle forward L.
1-2Step Back on Left, Step back on Right.
3&4Cross Left behind right, close Right to Left, Step Right to the Right
5&6Cross Right behind Left, close Left to Right, turn ¼ right and step forward on Right (6.00)
7&8Shuffle forward Left-right-Left.

Section 8: R Jazzbox with a Scuff, L Jazzbox with a touch
1-2-3-4Cross Right over Left, Step back on Left, Step to the Right on Right, Scuff beside Right with Left
5-6-7-8Cross Left over Right, Step back on Right, Step to the Left on Left, Touch Right beside Left


Have fun and a good sing-a-long-time….

Contact: Mona Leth (

Last Update: 17 Oct 2023


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