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Raymond Sarlemijn (NL) - October 2023
Lonely - LIAMOO
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Restart in wall 3, after 16 counts, wall 6 after 16 counts, tag in wall 9 after 16 counts.
I do not own the music

Walk, walk, mambo cross, step forward, ¾ turn right, ronde, behind side forward, cross shuffle
1RF forward
2LF forward
&RF step right
3Recover weight on LF.
4RF cross forward LF.
&½ turn right, LF step back.
5¼ turn right, ronde RF.
6RF behind LF.
&LF step left
7RF cross forward
&LF step left
8RF cross forward.

½ turn left heel grind, behind side for ward, step touch, step touch.
1¼ turn left, LF step forward on heel.
2¼ turn left, RF step right
3LF step backwards RF
&RF step right
4LF cross forward RF.
5RF step right
6LF touch RF
7LF step left
8RF touch LF

Touch Right & close, touch left & close, touch RF forward swivel both heels right, & touch left & close, touch right & close, LF touch forward swivel both heels to left.
1RF touch right.
&RF close to LF
2LF touch left.
&LF close RF.
3RF touch forward.
&Swivel both heels to the right
4Swivel both heels back to neutral.
&RF close to LF
5LF touch left
&LF close RF.
6RF touch right.
&RF close LF
7LF touch forward
&Swivel both heels left
8Swivel both heels neutral.

Ball change step forward, ½ turn left, ½ turn left RF step backwards, coaster step, kick ball touch, , swivel left, ball change.
&LF close RF
1RF step forward.
2½ turn left.
3½ turn left, RF step backwards.
4LF step backwards.
&RF close LF
5LF step forward.
6RF kick forward
&RF close LF
7LF touch forward
&Swivel both heels to the left.
8Swivel both heels neutral.
&LF close RF

Tag. Step forward,1/2 turn left.
1RF step forward
2½ turn left, LF step forward.

Start again

Last Update - 25 Oct. 2023 - R1
2023 31 OCT 10


Floorshaker October 28, 2023
Nice dance Raymond, but the script is awful. Thankful for those great videos!

raymond sarlemijn October 28, 2023
😂😂😂😂😂 yes I hear this a lot that my sheets are so-so 😂😂😂
I am more a video guy 😂😂😂
Thank you for liking my dance 🙏😉

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