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Adia Nuno (USA) & Satu Ketellapper (NL) - October 2023
Stetson - Walker Hayes
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Begin After 8 Count Intro

[1-8] Press, Sweep, Pony, Out-Out, Heel Shifts
1,2Stepping LF in front, press weight forward, Recover on R and Sweep LF from front to back
3&4,5,6Step LF in place and hitch R knee, repeat, Making a ¼ Turn over R shoulder step R leg to R side, Step L Leg to L Side
&7&8Shift R Heel inward, replace weight on R, shift L heel inward, replace weight on L

[9-16] Right Sailor, Left Sailor with ¼ Turn, Point R-L-front, Chest Pump
1, 2,Step RF to back diagonal, step LF to L side, step RF to R side
3, 4Step LF to back diagonal, making a ¼ towards 12:00 step RF to R side, step LF to L side
5,&6&7&8Point RF to R, Step RF in, Point LF to L, step LF in, Touch RF forward while contracting chest inward, expand your chest, contract chest back in (think chest isolation)

[17-24] Step-Lock, Locking Triple, Chase Turn, Full turn
1,2,3&4Step RF Forward towards 12:00, Lock LF behind R, Step RF forward, Lock LF behind R, Step RF forward
5,6,7Step LF forward, ½ pivot over R shoulder to face 6:00 (weight ends on R), Step LF forward
8Turning ¼ over L shoulder step RF side, Making ¾ turn over R shoulder step LF forward
*STYLING: Lift up on RF while making that turn so its more of a “ride”

[25-32] Paddle Roll, Jump-Step-Kick, Ball Change, ½ Pivot
1,2,3,4Step forward on RF rolling hips and turning 1/8 to L, Repeat to face 3:00
5&6Jump forward onto RF, Step back on LF, Kick RF forward,
&7,8Step RF back, Step LF forward, Turning ½ over R shoulder weight ending on RF

Adia Nuño Satu Ketellapper


Jennas World November 2, 2023
Looks too much like the other Stetson. Needs better flow.

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