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I Would Take a Boat

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High Beginner
Chatti the Valley (ES) & Adela Ortega (ES) - October 2023
I Would Take a Boat - Mary Mahaffey
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Intro: 16

[1-8]: Right HOOK COMBINATION, Right JAZZ BOX Cross.
1Touch right heel forward
2Hook right over left foot
3Touch right heel forward
4Touch right foot beside left foot
5Cross right over left foot
6Step left back
7Step right to right side
8Cross left over right foot

[9-16]: Right RUMBA BOX, Left Back RUMBA BOX.
1Step right to right side
2Step left beside right foot
3Step right forward
4Touch left beside right foot
5Step left to left side
6Step right beside left foot
7Step left back
8Touch right beside left foot

[17-24]: Right POINT & STEP, Left POINT & STEP, Right ¼ MONTERREY TURN.
1Touch right point to right side
2Step right forward
3Touch left point to left side
4Step left forward
5Touch right point to right side
6¼ turn right, step right beside left foot (3:00)
7Touch left point to left side
8Step left beside right foot

[25-32]: Right GRAPEVINE, Left Rolling GRAPEVINE.
1Step right to right side
2Step left behind right foot
3Step right to right side
4Touch left beside right foot
5¼ turn left, step left forward
6½ turn left, step right back
7¼ turn left, step left to left side (3:00)
8Scuff right beside left

[33-36]: Right ROCKING CHAIR.
1Step right forward
2Recover weight on left foot
3Step right back
4Recover weight on left foot


During second and seventh walls (2ª, 7ª), dance until count 16 and start again, is the instrumental part of the song, you are facing 3:00 in booth walls.
During twelfth wall (12ª), dance until count 8 and start again, you are facing 3:00 in that moment.
During fifteenth wall (15ª), dance until count 12, change Touch left for a Step left beside right foot you are facing 9:00 in that moment.

ENDING: During seventeenth wall (17ª), you started facing 12:00, don’t do the Monterrey turn,
instead of this do: point right and point left and continue with the right grapevine and End facing 12:00.


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