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High Improver
Åsa Gustafsson (SWE) - October 2023
Cookie Cutter - Ivory Layne
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Count in: 16 (10 sec)
One tag with restart wall 3 after 12 counts.
Restart wall 5 after 32 counts and a ending wall 6 turning ½ turn right on count 32,

#1: Swivel heels, hitch knee. Back touch L, shuffle fwd. Cross, out, out.
1 & 2Step R infront of L. Swivel heels to the right. Back to center with L and hitch R knee
3,4Step back on R. Touch L toe beside R.
5 & 6Step fwd on L & R beside L. Fwd on L
7 & 8Step R across L & step L to left, R to right. (on toes)

#2: Cross rock, ¼ shuffle turn L (9), step ½ turn L (3). Triple full turn L
1,2Step L across R, rock back on R
3 & 4Step L ¼ left (9) step R beside L beside R. Fwd on L
#Tag here at wall 3: Cross R over L and do a ¾ unwind left on 4 counts, restart the dance (12)
5,6Step fwd on R turning ½ left (3) stepping fwd on L
7 & 8Triple in place turning full turn left. Stepping R, L, R (3)

#3: Point, point, behind, side cross. Cross back back ¼ right (6), back out out ¼ right (9)
1 & 2Point L toe to the left & touch L toe beside R, point L toe to the left.
3 & 4Step L behind R & step R to right, step L slightly across R (diagonally)
5 & 6Cross R over L, Step back on L turning ¼ right (6), stepping R back
7 & 8Stepp back on L Turning ¼ left (9) stepping R slightly diagonally to he right, L out to the left

#4: Cross rock, chassé turn ¼ R (12) step ½ turn R (6). Run, run, run
1,2Cross R infront of L. Rock back on L
3 & 4Step R to right, L beside R. Step R fwd turning ¼ R (12)
5,6Step fwd on L turn ½ right (6) stepping on R
7 & 8Small steps fwd. L R L

#Restart here on Wall 5 (12)

#Ending here on Wall 6. Turn ½ turn right on last step. Stepping back on left putting R heel fwd (12)

#5: Point ¼ turn R(9) rock & cross. Point ¼ turn R(12) rock & cross.
1,2Point R toe to right side turning right on L (9) R beside L
3 & 4Step L to the left, rock on R, cross L over R
5,6Same as 1,2 (12) 7&8: same as 3&4

#6: Rock fwd, shuffle ½ turn R (6). Step ½ R (12). ½ turn R (6) R toe touch
1,2Step fwd on R, rock back on L
3 & 4Turn ½ right stepping fwd on R & L beside R, fwd on R
5,6step fwd on L turn ½ turn R, stepping fwd on R (12)
7,8Turn ½ R, stepping back on L (6). Touch R toe beside L

Dance and have fun, hope you like it/Åsa


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