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Gudrun Bachner (AUT) - September 2023
Nobody (feat. Matthew West) - Casting Crowns
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Intro: 8 Counts
Tags: 3
Restarts: 0

[S1] side stomp 2x, triplestep – R+L
1-2stomp RF to R with shoulders swinging to R, stomp LF to L with shoulders swinging to L
3&4step RF diagonally R forward, close LF to RF, step RF diagonally R forward
5-6stomp LF to L with shoulders swinging to L, stomp RF to R with shoulders swinging to R
7&8step LF diagonally L forward, close RF to LF, step LF diagonally L forward

[S2] step turn ¼, cross and cross, touch, back touch, turn ¼, heel-toe-heel-hitch
1-2step RF forward, ¼-turn L on both balls, recover on LF (9:00h)
3&4cross RF before LF, close LF to RF, cross RF before LF
&5-6touch LF beside RF (&) touch LF backwards (5), ¼-turn to L (6), weight in the end on LF (6:00h)
7&8&turn R heel to the middle (7), turn R toes to the middle (&), turn R heel to the middle (8), lift R knee (&)

[S3] heel, toe, touch + hip bumps, step turn ½, run-run-run
1-2touch R heel forward, touch R toes backwards
3&4touch R toes forward, bump hips 3 times R-L-R, end weight on RF
5-6step LF forward, ½-turn R on both balls (12h), end weight on RF
7&8 3fast steps forward L-R-L

[S4] weave, scissor step, side, turn ¼ step back, close, swivel
1-2&step RF to R (1), cross LF behind RF (2), step RF to R (&)
3-4&cross LF before RF (3), step RF to R (4), close LF to RF (&)
5-6cross RF before LF (5), step LF to L (6)
7&8&¼-turn R and step RF back (7), (3:00h), close LF to RF (&), turn both heel to the R (8), turn both heels back to the middle (&)

tag = S4
tag after walls 2, 4 and 7

ending after last tag, looking to 6:00h:
S4, 1 – 5
6-8¼-turn R (9:00h) and step LF back (6), ¼-turn R (12:00) and step RF to the R (7), draw LF to RF

Last Update: 12 Nov 2023


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