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Carry Me Away

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Sandy Kerrigan (AUS) - October 2023
In Another's Eyes - Trisha Yearwood & Garth Brooks : (Album: Song Book / iTunes)
You Say - Lauren Daigle : (iTunes)
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Dance Info: Dance starts wt on L – Dance Starts on lyrics
BPM [134:99] Track Length 3:33
Note: When using You Say there are 2 restarts & one 4 count tag/note below.

Fwd R, ½ Pivot L, Step Fwd, ½ R Back, ¼ R Side, Cross Rock Step, Weave to R Side & Sweep9:00
1 2 3 4 & 5Step Fwd R, ½ Pivot L, Step Fwd R, Turning R- ½ Step Back on L, ¼ R-Step R to R Side
6 7 & 7 & 8Cross Rock L over R, Replace to R, Step L to L, Step R over L, Step L to L, Step R Behind L

Sweeping L-Step Behind, ¼ Fwd, Step Fwd 6:00, FWd, ½ Pivot L, Step Fwd, ½ R-Step Back L,R,L Back R Coaster Step 6:00
1 & 2 3 & 4Sweep L to Cross Behind R, ¼ R- Fwd R, Step Fwd L, Step Fwd, ½ Pivot Turn L, Step Fwd R
& 5 6 7 & 8Turning ½ R-Step Back L, Step Back R, Step Back L, Step Back R, Step L to R, Step Fwd R

Turning ¼ R-Side Hips L & R, Step Back, R Cross Shuffle,1/4 L Diamond Fallaway 6:00
1 2 &Turning ¼ R-Sway L Hip to L Side, Sway R Hip to R Side, Step L Back Behind R
3 & 4Cross R over L, Step Ball of L to L Side Cross R over L (R Cross Shuffle).
5 & 6 7 & 8Cross L over R, Step R to R, 1/8th L-Step Back on L, Step Back R, 1/8th L-Step L to L Step Fwd R

Step Fwd, ¼ L Step Together, Rock Back, Cross Walk, Cross Walk, Fwd, ¼ Pivot Turn, Cross ¼ Back, ½ Fwd, Step Fwd 9:00
1 & 2 3 4Step Fwd L, Turning ¼ L-Step R next to L, Rock Back on L, Cross Walk R over L, L over R
5 & 6 7 8 &FWd R, Pivot ¼ L, Cross R over L,Turning R-¼ Step Back on L, ½ R-Step Fwd R, Step Fwd L

Note: When using You Say, facing 9:00-Walls 4 & 7 at count 16-Step Change: & Step L next to R-Restart.
Add a 4 count Tag after the step change in wall 7
1 2 3 4Rock R to R Side, Replace to L Side, Rock Back R, Replace Fwd to L

Restart wall 8 facing 9:00


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