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Tequila & Jesus

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Kerly Luige (EST) - September 2023
Tequila & Jesus - Amanda Kate Ferris
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Start with the lyrics.

R step forward – L touch back – L step back – R hook – R step-lock-step-scuff
1, 2Step right foot forward, touch left toe behind right
3, 4Step left foot back, hook right foot across left
5, 6Step right foot forward, lock together with left foot
7, 8Step right foot forward, scuff left foot forward

L step forward – R touch back – R step back – L hook – L step-lock-step-scuff
9, 10Step left foot forward, touch right toe behind left
11, 12Step right foot back, hook left foot across right
13, 14Step left foot forward, lock together with right foot
15, 16Step left foot forward, scuff right foot forward

R box-step 1/4 to R, R side-rock-cross-clap
17, 18Step right foot across left, step left foot back
19, 20Step right foot to side making a 1/4 turn to right (3:00), step left foot across right
21, 22Rock right foot to right side, recover weight on left foot
23, 24Step right foot across left, clap

L half rumba-box forward – hold, R rocking-chair with a heel dig
25, 26Step left foot to left side, step together with right foot
27, 28Step left foot forward, hold
29, 30Rock right foot forward with a heel dig, recover weight on left foot
31, 32Rock right foot back, recover weight on left foot

During wall 5, facing the front wall, dance the first 8 counts, then dance the following tag and restart with wall 6 (facing 6:00).
L pivot-turn 1/2 – step – hold
1, 2Step left foot forward, make a 1/2 turn to right (6:00, weight stays on right foot)
3, 4Step left foot forward, hold

During wall 10, dance the first 28 counts and after the rumba-box and hold restart with wall 11 (facing 9:00).
During wall 11, dance the first 22 counts and instead of cross-clap, touch right foot next to left foot, hold and restart with wall 12 (facing 12:00).


Last Update - 28 Feb. 2024 - R1


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