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The Friends

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High Beginner
Denny Jay Naim (INA), Neva (INA) & Yenny Oey (INA) - November 2023
I'll Be There for You - The Rembrandts : (Ost FRIENDS)
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Start Dancing on Singing ( 16 Count )

Kick forward RLRR, Kick Forward LRLL
1-2RF kick forward (1), LF kick forward (2)
3-4RF kick forward (3,4)
5-6LF kick forward (5), RF kick forward (6)
7-8LF kick forward (7,8)

Toe strut forward RL, side touch RL, twist/Swivel RL (clap hand)
1&2&Touch RF toe Forward (1), Step RF inplace (&) LF toe Forward (2), Step LF inplace (&)
3&4&Touch RF toe to R side (3), Close RF to LF (&), Touch LF toe to L side (4), Close LF to RF (&)
5&6&Twist / swivel to R (5&6)(clap hand on top right) (&)
7&8&Twist / swivel to L (7&8)(clap hand on top left) (&)

1/4 R Jazz box with strut
1&2&Right toe cross over L(1), Drop toe in place(&), Left toe backward(2), Drop toe in place(&)
3&4&Right toe to right side turn 1/8R(3), Drop toe in place(&), Left toe fwd(4), Drop toe in place(&)
5&6&Right toe cross over L(5), Drop toe in place(&), Left toe backward(6), Drop toe in place(&)
7&8&Right toe to right side turn 1/8R(7), Drop toe in place(&), Left toe fwd(8), Drop toe in place(&)

Slide touch RL, V-step
1-2Slide RF to R side(1), Step touch LF to RF side(2)
3-4Slide LF to L side(3), Step touch RF to LF side(4)
5-8Step RF forward to R diagonally(5), Step LF forward to L diagonally(6), Step RF backward to center(7), Close LF to RF(8)

Tag: Fast Counting
1234running turn 1/2R to wall 9 (12.00)

Restart on wall 2 after 28 Count
Tag n Restart on wall 7 after 16 Count
Restart on wall 8 after 28 Count (12.00)
End on wall 9 after 28 Count

Happy Dancing!!!

Have a Great Day and Burn The Dance Floor!!!

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Marchy Susilani November 9, 2023
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RIco Yusran November 10, 2023

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