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Kuang Ye (REMIX) (狂野)

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Phrased Improver
Wendy Lin (TW) - November 2023
Sequence:A,A,TAG1,B,B,TAG2, C,TAG1,A,TAG1,B,B,TAG2,TAG1, B, B, TAG1,B.


S1.Cross Touch,Side Touch,Cross Touch,Side Step,R Hips
1-4RF Cross Touch, R Side Touch, RF Cross Touch, R Side Step
5-8R Side Hip Bump

S2.Cross Touch, Side Touch, Cross Touch, Side Step, L Hips
1-4LF Cross Touch, L Side Touch, LF Cross Touch, L Side Step
5-8L Side Hip Bump

S3.Jazz Box 1/4 R Turn, FWD, Hitch, Back, Touch
1-4Cross RF Over LF, 1/4 R Turn Back Step LF, Side Step RF, FWD Step LF
5-8Step RF FWD, Hitch LF FWD, LF Back, Touch RF Back

S4.Toe Strut(Hip), 1/4 L Toe Strut(Hip) X2
1-4Touch R Toe,Step, 1/4 L Touch L Toe,Step
5-8Touch R Toe,Step, 1/4 L Touch L Toe,Step


S1.Rock, Recover, Back Shuffle, Rock, Recove, FWD Shuffle
1-2Fwd Rock RF, Recover On LF
3&4Back Shuffle On RLR
5-6Back Rock LF, Recover On RF
7&8FWD Shuffle On LRL

S2.Cross Samba, Rock, Recover, Back,Back
1&2Cross RF Over LF, Rock LF To L Side, Step RF In Place
3&4Coss LF Over RF, Rock RF to right Side, Step LF In Place
5-6FWD Rock RF, Recover On LF
7-8Back Step(R,L)

S3.Side Rock, Recover, Together, Side Step, Touch, Side Step, Behind Touch
1 2&3 4Step R Side, Recover, Together, Step L Side, Together Touch
5-8RF Side Step, Behind Touch, LF Side Step, Behind Touch

S4 Kick Ball Point, Pivot 1/8 Turn L (X2)
1&2Kick RF FWD, Step RF Next To L, Point L To L Side
3&4Kick LF FWD, Step LF Next To R, Point R To R Side
5-8Step FWD On R, Pivot 1/8 Turn L X2

C 8X8

S1.1-8 RF FWD,Hitch,LF Back,Behind Touch,RF FWD,Hitch,LF Back,Together Touch

S2.1-8 1/4 Turn L, Sway(R L)

S3~S8 Repeat S1~S2.

TAG1 4 Counts: R Side Step,Touch, L Side Step,Touch

TAG2 8 Counts: K Steps

Wendy Lin:


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