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Love & Miss (연모)

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High Improver
Youngjin Jeong (KOR) - September 2023
Unforgettable Love (연모) - Yang Yo Seob (양요섭) : (Album: MBC 드라마 연인OST)
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Intro: 18C

Tag: After Wall 1, 4c (6:00)
1-4Hold with free style arm movement

Restart: After 24c Wall 4(6:00), facing 7:30, restart Sec1 4:30

Sec 1 : 1/8L Fwd Rock Recover With Sweep, 1/4R Sailor, Fwd Recover, Coaster
1-2Turn 1/8L Step RF Fwd(1), Recover LF Back with Sweep RF from front to back(2)(10:30)
3&4Turn 1/4/R Step RF behind LF(3), Step LF to RF(&),Step RF Fwd(4)(1:30)
5-6Step LF Fwd(5), Recover RF Back(6)
7&8Step LF Back(7), Step RF next to LF(&),Step LF Fwd(8)

Sec 2 : 1/8R Fwd, 1/2R Back, (1/2R Fwd, 1/2R Back) x 2, 1/4R Side(Looking R), Recover
1-2Turn 1/8R Step RF Fwd(1)(3:00), Turn 1/2R Step LF Back(2)(9:00)
3&4&(Turn 1/2R Step RF Fwd(3:00), Turn 1/2R Step LF Back(9:00)) x 2 (3&4&)
5-6Turn 1/4 Step RF to R side With Looking Right(5-6)(12:00)
7-8Recover LF Side(7-8)(12:00)

Sec 3 : 1/8L Fwd, 1/4R Hitch, Walk x 4, Low Kick, Back x 3
1-2Turn 1/8L RF Fwd(1)(10:30), Turn 1/4R Hitch LF(2)(1:30),
3-4&5Step LF Fwd(3), Fwd Walk x 3(RF LF RF)(4&5)
6Low Kick LF Fwd(6)
7&8Back Walk x 3(LF RF LF)(7&8)
*There is a restart here.

Sec 4 : 1/4L Touch & Bending, Strech, Spiral Full Turn L, Fwd Sweep, Cross, Back x 3
1-2Turn 1/4L Touch RF next to LF with bending both knee(1), Strech both knee(2)(10:30)
3-4Step RF Fwd(3), Spiraling full turn L(4)
5-6Step LF Fwd(5), Sweep RF from back to front(6)
7&8&Step RF cross over LF(7), Back Walk x 3 LF RF LF(&8&)

Sec 5 : 1/8R Night Club 2Step Basic R-L, 3/8L Diamond
1-2&Turn 1/8L RF to R side(1), Step LF behind RF(2), Cross RF over LF(&)(12:00)
3-4&LF to L side(3), Step RF behind LF(4), Cross LF over RF(&)
5-6&Step RF to R side(5), Turn 1/8L Step LF Back(6), Step RF Back(&)(10:30)
7-8&Turn 1/8L LF to L side(7)(9:00), Turn 1/8L Step RF Fwd(8), Step LF Fwd(&)(7:30)

Sec 6 : 3/4L Diamond, 1/4L Fwd, 1/8L Touch
1-2&Turn 1/8L RF to R side(1)(6:00), Turn 1/8L Step LF Back(2), Step RF Back(&)(4:30)
3-4&Turn 1/8L LF to L side(3)(3:00), Turn 1/8L Step RF Fwd(4), Step LF Fwd(&)(1:30)
5-6&Turn 1/8L RF to R side(5)(12:00), Turn 1/8L Step LF Back(6), Step RF Back(&)(10:30)
7-8Turn 1/4L Step LF Fwd(7)(7:30), Turn 1/8L Touch RF next to LF(8)(6:00)

" I want you to be happy with this dance. Thank you." Contact:


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