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Improver / Intermediate
Isabella Horne (AUS) - September 2023
W.I.T.C.H. - Devon Cole
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Dance begins after count 8 (on lyrics)

2x walks fwd, R samba, cross, side, 1/2 side shuffle
1,2,3&4Walk R fwd, walk L fwd, cross R slightly over L, rock L to L side, recover onto R
5,6Cross L over R, step R to R side
7&8Making a 1/2 turn L - step L to L side, bring R next to L, step L slightly to L side

Hip roll touch L, hip roll touch R, descending hip roll
1&2Stepping down on R - roll hips from back to front moving L to R ending with L touch in the front diagonal
3&4Stepping down on L - roll hips from back to front moving R to L ending with R touch in the front diagonal
5,6,7,8Bring R next to L (5) & moving in a downward motion, roll hips R (5), L (6), R (7), L (8)
(Tip: make small steps on the spot while rolling hips and moving downwards)

Step R, drag L, pop R (Repeat). R shuffle fwd, kick, out, out
1,2,3,4Step R fwd, drag L next to R, pop R knee (Repeat for counts 3,4)
5&6Step R fwd, bring L next to R, step R fwd
7&8Kick L fwd, step L to L side, step R out to R side

Heel & heel & heel toe brush across, side rock, 1/4 recover, back rock
1&2&Twist R heel in, twist out, twist L heel in, twist out
3&4Twist R heel in, twist R toe in, brush R slightly over L into the front L diagonal (like kicking a ball into the corner)
5,6Rock R to R side, recover onto L
7,8Whilst making 1/4 turn R, rock R back, recover fwd onto L
(Tip: open shoulders into front R diagonal when recovering onto L before the 1/4 rock back)


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