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Good Things Happen

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Michelle Wright (USA) - November 2023
Good Things - Kaylee Bell
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Dance starts 16 counts in
No tags or restarts

Section 1: Walk RL, Rocking Chair, ¼ pivot
1,2Step R forward, Step L forward
3,4Rock R forward, Recover on L
5,6Rock R back, Recover on L
7,8Step R forward, ¼ pivot L weight on L (9:00)

Section 2: Weave w/ point, Weave
1,2Cross R over L, Step L to L side
3,4Cross R behind L, Point L to L side
5,6Cross L over R, Step R to R side
7,8Cross L behind R, Step R to R side

Section 3: Cross Rock, Chasse, Cross Rock, ¼ chasse
1,2Cross rock L over R, Recover on R
3&4Step L to L side, Step R next to L, Step L to L side
5,6Cross rock R over L, Recover on L
7&8Step R to R side, Step L next to R ¼ turn R stepping R forward (12:00)

Section 4: ¾ walk around, Rock, Recover, Coaster
1,2¼ R stepping L forward , ¼ turn R stepping R forward
3,4¼ turn R stepping L forward, Step R forward (9:00)
5,6Rock L forward, Recover on R
7&8Step L back, Step R next to L, Step L forward

End of dance!
Any questions email

Last Update: 19 Nov 2023

2023 25 NOV 6


Jen1 November 19, 2023
Vote 7 ,โค๏ธnice song

Michelle Wright November 19, 2023
Thank you!

Marchy Susilani November 19, 2023
Vote 11 Congratulation

Judy (Labra) Baldak November 28, 2023
I voted ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒˆ early!! Love the song and dance, Michelle!! Do you have any Christmas song in mind that it could also go to?

Michelle Wright November 28, 2023
Not for this one but some of my other dances yes. This is new soo I havenโ€™t been thinking of a song replacement yet.

Judy (Labra) Baldak November 28, 2023
No need this year, love the song!!! And weโ€™ve made Dance With Everybody our theme song/dance!!

Michelle Wright November 29, 2023
Aww love that!!

SpfldDancer December 8, 2023
Nice dance Michelle... Real feel good factor.

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