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The Door

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Kristin Clove (USA) - November 2023
The Door - Teddy Swims
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-1st 8 count
1,2 3&4,RF Rock recover, step back RF Coaster step. 
5&6, 7, 8,LF shuffle step forward, RF Rock recover weight onto LF

-2nd 8 Count
1,2,3,4Step RF side R, LF sweep around to the front making a 1/2 turn to front wall, Cross LF over RF, step RF side R,
5,6,7&8LF cross behind RF, RR back onto RF, LF shuffle side L making 1/2 turn to back wall

-3rd 8 Count
1,2,3,4RF step side R with 1/4 turn R, step forward LF, step forward RF, step forward LF,
5&6RF shuffle back 
( turning counter clockwise over L shoulder )
7,8step back LF 1/4 turn L, step RF 1/4 turn back to front wall. 

-4th 8 Count
1&2LF cross behind RF sailor step
3&4RF Cross behind Lf sailor step 1/4 turn R
5, 6&LF step forward swizard step
7,8RF step forward 1/2 Pivot turn

Last Update: 22 Nov 2023


Doreen November 22, 2023
Nice dance but the script is horrendous. It makes no sense to me. Thank goodness for the videos

Dancin Boss November 23, 2023
What a lovely comment. I fixed them to more Beginner friendly.

Jules November 28, 2023
Thanks for fixing script its a fab dance and will be teaching this one in class x

Dancin Boss November 29, 2023
I cant wait to see. Im so happy you like it. Check out my other teddy swims song

What more can i say!

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